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Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice

WorldLink Testimonials

WorldLink Transforms Lives

According to participating teachers, students who are engaged in educational activities outside the traditional classroom, such as WorldLink, demonstrate developed self-esteem and self-confidence, and are more challenged intellectually.

WorldLink receives hundreds of letters and comments full of praise and accolades from students, teachers, and speakers. Here is a small selection:

Student Letters

"The WorldLink Youth Town Meeting made me realize that I am not alone and that there are other people my age that want to help out, that want to make a difference in their country or community. I want to be part of the solution." - 2014 conference delegate, 11th grade

"I applaud the Institute for the WorldLink Program. It's so important to get youth involved in political issues, but it can be difficult because we so rarely find an environment where our ideas and input are actually used or credited. The WorldLink program is exactly that. We are actually involved in every aspect of making the program successful. It's extremely empowering, and I believe it is the best way to create a strong network of rising leaders across the globe." - 2013 WorldLink summer intern, 11th grade

"This is a golden opportunity for every member of our future leaders. The knowledge that I have acquired within 40 minute seminars is far more complex and important than anything I could read. Interaction leads to communication, communication leads to discussion and discussion leads to change." - 2009 conference delegate

"I found this experience to be one of the best I have ever had. I've learned so much from the Youth Town Meeting. I have become aware of the many injustices in the world and now I feel obligated to take part in an organization to make others aware of the injustices. I now have a strong passion for helping and volunteering in order to achieve justice and bring dignity to all." - 2005 conference delegate

"I had always heard we are the future, we have to make this world a better place. Well, we are also here right now. We can do something today!" - 2004 conference delegate

Teacher Letters

"There is no other opportunity in San Diego quite like this one where, along with 700 other students from San Diego and Baja Mexico, you can learn, experience and connect with experts on global conflicts, human impact, and human solutions." - Jonathan Shulman, La Jolla Country Day School

"Your program has been a great addition to our regular programming. Most of our girls have never seen a college campus. They became excited about their education following our visit. I believe their participation has helped increase the number of girls graduating and/or getting their GEDs." - Rebecca Booth, Sr. Police Officer, GRF/Sierra Vista School

"My students went away with their heads brimming with ideas and information." - Melissa Romero, Mission Bay High School

"My students and I love going to the WorldLink activities each year. The students have the opportunity to practice English in a real-world setting, not in the teacher-student experience they have in class, but in a teenager-teenager iteration." - Evelina Flores, Instituto Mexico Americano Noroeste, Baja California, Mexico

"When my students come here, they feel smart. They are treated as adults and they sense that respect. It's wonderful to see them light up." - Ricardo Medina, Mueller Charter Leadership Academy

Speaker Letters

On student delegate Emi Koch from Academy of Our Lady of Peace, "Ever since I met her at the WorldLink conference last January, Emi has sought me out for advice on a variety of academic-related issues, particularly her choice of university education here in the Washington, D.C. area. I have in essence become her informal academic advisor and have come to appreciate her natural intelligence, her ability to solve problems, and her aptitude for thinking at different levels of analysis." - Kamal Beyoglow, Professor of Security and Strategy, U.S. National War College, 2008 Youth Town Meeting

"Though I had been told in advance about the motivation and talents of many WorldLink student participants, I was still very impressed upon meeting so many well-informed, energetic, and articulate students. They listened attentively to my presentation and asked very sharp questions. Unlike many academic conferences I have attended, these questions were devoid of any pretense and instead got at the heart of the issue." - Mieczslaw P. Boduszynski, Woodrow Wilson Fellow, 2004 Youth Town Meeting

"WorldLink is such an important link to our small global village! [This] provides a tomorrow of individuals who will create social change and social justice across borders because [WorldLink] facilitated inspirational first hand knowledge of experiences and then the hard data of the wrongs that must be righted. The high energy of the diverse youth was palpable, as was their intellect. It was a very meaningful day for me." - Nancy Rubin, US Ambassador to the UN High Commission for Human Rights, 1999 Youth Town Meeting