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Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice

Strategic International Peacebuilding

The IPJ "In the Field"

IPJ Director Dee Aker, Program Officer Zahra Ismail and Kroc School alumna Shobha Shrestha discuss leadership in Nepal

The Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice’s (IPJ) work in global strategic peacebuilding is based on a commitment to the inclusion of the voices of the whole community in preventing, transforming and building peaceful and just societies. Believing that change comes from the hearts and minds of individuals who can engage one another in new ways, no matter past histories or differences, and shape more positive responses to challenges, the IPJ responds to individuals and groups seeking to overcome histories of conflict. The IPJ creates spaces for safe encounters between parties in conflict, occasions for those seeking constructive change in their communities to advance their skills and knowledge, and opportunities for those hoping to prevent, transform and rebuild from conflict.

To do this, the IPJ works with leaders and at the grassroots — with parliamentarians, former combatants, security forces, women, youth, media and local organizations who want to address their violent community histories and dysfunctional ways of interacting. The IPJ shares skills in communication, negotiation, mediation, leadership and more that local peacebuilders can use and adapt to advance their communities. Giving voice to the powerful and voiceless alike, the IPJ facilitates roundtable discussions at which parties involved with and affected by conflict can share their stories. By bringing people to the table who might otherwise be reluctant to sit together and offer their experiences, the IPJ creates spaces in which people can feel heard and come to know better “the other”. Thanks to its longstanding position within the peacebuilding community, the IPJ is able to share current research, tools and best practices with partners on the ground.

Workshop Participants in Nairobi

Because the IPJ does not maintain offices or staff in the countries overseas in which the organization works, the Institute’s strategic international peacebuilding is built upon active communication with trusted local partners. Based on the capacities of the organization and its staff, the IPJ responds to requests from these local partners to provide specific training and support, adapting its work to the local context and the needs of the individuals and organizations with which the Institute works. Throughout its history the IPJ has worked internationally with government and opposition leaders, youth, security personnel, women from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, indigenous communities, soldiers and former combatants, business leaders and journalists. The IPJ has responded to communities in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe, traveling from the urban slums of Nairobi to the remote villages of Nepal. Sitting with a diversity of stakeholders, the IPJ and its staff have been committed to building peace with justice internationally by listening to and supporting individuals in communities affected by violent conflict. 

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