The Kroc Method

What’s the most difficult problem you are wrestling with right now? What’s the problem you’re facing that seems to defy solutions? Perhaps you are trying to reduce bullying and increase tolerance in schools; or improve relations with police in your community; or even make your community safe from violent militias.

Through the Kroc IPJ’s experience working with partners to tackle these kinds of challenges, here in San Diego and around the world, we have learned that no one can solve problems like these alone. Only through an inclusive process that catalyzes human connection can we find innovative solutions to our most difficult problems. We call this process the Kroc Method.

The Kroc Method is a proven approach that brings together diverse groups of problem-solvers to help them overcome conflict and focus on collaboration. Using in-person sessions and online engagement, the Kroc Method fosters deep relationships, produces new insights, and foster a deep problem-solving mindset. The result: innovative solutions that create real and lasting change.

Although each Kroc Method engagement is unique, and might last one day or one year, the process is always designed around five key stages. For more information or to design a Kroc Method that meets your needs, please contact Andrew Blum (

Kroc Method steps. For an accessible PDF, click the image link.

Kroc Method Impact Stories

Click below to see the powerful results the Kroc Method creates.

  • Defying Extremism – Kenya
  • Building Trust Partnership
  • Women PeaceMaker Program - Learning Lab