Centers of Peacebuilding and Human Rights

Furthering peace through practice.

We bring the world to you. Inside our award-winning centers and institutes for peacebuilding and human rights you'll discover a dynamic intersection of people, practice and partnership focusing on the most pressing global issues of our time. From a living lab at the border, to intimate talks with peace practitioners and progressive social entrepreneurs, students learn to push for change with a deeper understanding of the complex hurdles that hinder growth, stability and justice.

Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice Leaders, activists, peacebuilders and everyday heroes from the frontlines of conflict show students and the community what it really takes to resist violence, increase understanding and achieve peace.
Trans-Border Institute Trans-Border Institute Gain firsthand knowledge of the world's busiest border with immersive lessons on today's hot-button issues of immigration, cultural violence and economic opportunity.
Center for Peace and Commerce Center for Peace and Commerce The nation's only partnership between a business school and a peace school inspires the next generation of social entrepreneurs. Here, practical change takes shape.