Invest in Changemaking

Be a part of a community of global allies working together to usher in a better tomorrow.

We believe the greatest investments are ones made in people with the courage for change. Your gift brings together students building peace and fostering justice all over the world in the common pursuit of changemaking. With your support, these courageous doers will leave here with the necessary intellectual, interpersonal and emotional resources to sustain a positive, lasting impact on our world - preventing and resolving conflicts, helping refugees rebuild their lives, working for democracy where voices are silenced. Invest in Changemakers.

 A gift given here is a gift given to a world waiting for hope.

Kimberly (Heller) Godwin Making peace education accessible. "I support the Institute for Peace and Justice because it is a place where people can come with open minds and learn to become more compassionate."

Kimberly (Heller) Godwin

As a USD parent, IPJ supporter, Kroc School Master's in Peace and Justice student and WorldLink donor, Kimberly (Heller) Godwin has never needed to be sold on the value of peace education. She just wants it to be available to more people. Her support started with a targeted focus: to sponsor buses bringing students from Mexico and low-income San Diego neighborhoods to the Joan B. Kroc Institute's WorldLink Youth Town Meeting. But her giving impact is widespread. This annual opportunity lets students from both sides of the border learn about urgent global issues and to contribute to solutions.

My Dream: students across ethnic backgrounds will connect one-to-one and come away with a better understanding of people from different communities, then feel empowered to make change.
My Gift: Sponsoring students for the WorldLink Youth Program

Judge Roosevelt Willie

As a justice in Liberia, which is recovering from 20 years of civil war and several bouts with Ebola, Judge Roosevelt Willie does not have the resources of judges in developing countries. But he has a deep commitment to rooting out corruption, promoting human rights and guiding young leaders. And because he was a Master in Peace and Justice student, Judge Willie knows firsthand how his modest gift, when combined with those of other alumni and donors, can make a real difference in the lives of students from developing countries.

My Dream: to see beneficiaries of our gifts become ambassadors for the rule of law and peace.
My Gift: Providing funding for Master's student scholarships.

Judge Roosevelt Willie Alumni participation matters “I give back because at the Kroc School, peacebuilding concepts were not only discussed as abstract ideals, but as pathways to a more peaceful future, for my country and for the world.”
Barbara and Wayne Coleman Planned giving supports their passion "Practical peacebuilding is like teaching people to fish. By giving to the Kroc School we aren’t just supporting a cause, we’re helping educate the next generation of global changemakers."

Barbara and Wayne Coleman

USD grandparents Barbara and Wayne Coleman are involved on both ends of the USD campus—from the baseball fields on the east where their USD graduate granddaughter Cassidy is a softball coach, to the Joan Kroc School of Peace Studies on the western tip of the mesa. At the Kroc School they use IRA distributions to underwrite fieldwork being done by founding Dean William Headley and others to incorporate interfaith dialogue, religious leadership and shared religious values into peacebuilding. As devout Catholics, the Colemans see their faith reflected in on-the-ground peacebuilding.

Our Dream: to extend the activities of the Kroc School of Peace Studies and its Institute for Peace and Justice into the field where peacebuilding happens through interfaith dialog.
Our Gift: IRA distributions to the Religion and Peacebuilding Initiative

Justine Darling and Cristian Andreu

When Kroc School alumna Justine Darling, MAPJ '08, and her fiancé Christian Andreu Von-Euw decided to get married, they knew they wanted to celebrate their union not by receiving, but by giving. So in lieu of gifts they invited friends and family to contribute to the Darling Andreu Scholarship Fund. Established by the couple especially for master's students in peace and justice, Justine feels compelled to give future peacebuilders the same opportunity and experience she had at the Kroc School. It's a gift that will keep giving, not only to scholarship recipients, but also to the cause of restoring justice throughout the world.

Our Dream: to support students who actively contribute to their community with an affordable peace education that inspires collective transformation through service.
Our Gift: Establishing the Darling Andreu Peace Scholarship

Justine Darling and Christian Andreu Turning wedding gifts into scholarships "The school of peace studies was a life changing experience. Here, I met incredible peacemakers from around the world and had space to explore my own passions in peacebuilding connected to restorative justice in education."
The Johnson Family Endowed scholarship carries on a legacy “Our wish is that the scholarship will help the school to attract and retain talented young people to the cause of peace and justice in the world, and their legacy will honor Bill Headley now and in the future.”

The Johnson Family

For Todd Johnson, his wife, Lil, and their two daughters, Sara (BA ’11) and Emily, giving back is a family affair. The Johnsons made the decision to create the William Headley Endowed Scholarship when founding dean Father William Headley stepped down after leading the school for its first five years. The scholarship enables students from developing countries to build the knowledge, skills and tools they need to shape a better world through economic development and conflict resolution in their communities.

Todd, who served on the Kroc School Board of Advisors when it was first formed, is passionate about facilitating capital deployment to create and encourage human flourishing. Oldest daughter Sara, who graduated from the Kroc School with a Master’s degree in Peace and Justice in 2012, carries on that legacy as a current member of the Kroc School’s Board of Advisors and a consultant to social enterprises, impact investors, family foundations, and corporations on how to maximize impact and effectively deploy capital.

Our Dream: By supporting an endowed scholarship, it is our dream that the number of supporters and amount of support will grow over time.
Our Gift: Creation of an Endowed Scholarship to honor Father William Headley's name in perpetuity as the founding Dean of the Kroc School of Peace Studies.