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To better understand the issues of peacebuilding, conflict resolution, social justice and human rights, we publish articles, research papers, studies, thought leadership papers and much more. View our digital library below to learn more about the global challenges we face and the solutions being put into action to advance peace and justice.

  • Ami Carpenter

    Carpenter, Ami C. “In Hand, Out of Hand: Weapons and Violence Culture in Large Latino Gangs.” In Global Perspectives on Youth Gang Behavior, Violence, and Weapons Use, edited by Simon Harding and Marek Palasinski. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 2016.

    Carpenter, Ami C. "Gangs and Drug Trafficking: Challenges for Conflict Resolution in Mexico and Guatemala. In Linking Political Violence and Crime in Latin America, edited by Kirsten Howarth and Jenny H. Peterson. New York: Lexington Books, 2015.

    Carpenter, Ami C. and Stacey Cooper. Understanding Transnational Criminal Networks: A Contribution to Community Resilience: A Social Network Analysis of the San Diego/Tijuana Border. Journal of Gang Research 22:3 (2015), 1-24.

    Carpenter, Ami C. “Changing Lenses: Conflict Analysis and Mexico’s ‘Drug War.’” Journal of Latin American Politics and Society 55:3 (2013), 139-160.

    Carpenter, Ami C.Civilian Protection in Mexico & Guatemala: Humanitarian Engagement with Druglords & Gangs.The Homeland Security Review, 6:2 (2012), 109-136.

    Carpenter, Ami C. “Havens in a Firestorm: Perspectives from Baghdad on Resilience to Sectarian Violence.Civil Wars 14:2 (2012), 182-204.

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  • Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick

    Books and Edited Work

    Choi-Fitzpatrick, Austin. Soonish. Drones and Satellites for the Public Good. A University Press.  

    Choi-Fitzpatrick, Austin. 2017. What Slaveholders Think: How Contemporary Perpetrators Rationalize What They Do. Columbia University Press.

    Choi-Fitzpatrick, Austin (ed). 2016. Journal of Human Trafficking. Special Issue 2(1): “Slaveholders and Traffickers.”

    Brysk, Alison and Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick (eds). 2012. From Human Trafficking to Human Rights: Rethinking Contemporary Slavery. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.

    Recent Articles on Human Rights and Social Movements

    Choi-Fitzpatrick, Austin. 2016. “From Rescue to Representation: A Human Rights Approach to the Contemporary Anti-Slavery Movement.” Journal of Human Rights.

    Choi-Fitzpatrick, Austin. 2015. “Democracy and its Appearances: Staging and Scripting the Iron Law.” Social Movement Studies. 14(2).

    Vaidyanathan Brandon, Michael Strand, Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick, Thomas Buschman, Meghan Davis, and Amanda Varela. 2015. “Causality in Contemporary American Sociology: An Empirical Assessment and Critique.” Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour.

    Choi-Fitzpatrick, Austin. 2014. “Drones for Good: Technological Innovation, Social Movements and the State. Journal of International Affairs. Volume 68; Number 1. 1-18.

    McVeigh, Rory, Josh Dinsman, Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick, and Priyamvada Trivedi. 2011. “Obama vs. Clinton: Categorical Boundaries and Intra-Party Electoral Outcomes.” Social Problems 58(1): 47-68.

    Recent Articles on Technology and Engineering

    Elizabeth Reddy, Gordon Hoople, Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick. 2018. “Peace Engineering: Investigating Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Effects in a Team-Based Course About Drones”, in American Society for Engineering Education.

    Gordon Hoople, Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick. 2017. “Engineering Empathy: A Multidisciplinary Approach Combining Engineering, Peace Studies, and New Technology,” in American Society for Engineering Education, Cleveland, Ohio.

    Choi-Fitzpatrick, Austin and Tautvydas Juskauskas. 2015. “Up in the Air: Applying the Jacobs Crowd Formula to Drone Imagery.” Procedia Engineering 107.

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  • Daniel López-Pérez

    López-Pérez’s scholarship focuses on the historiography of modern architecture and its relationship to questions of technology, design-research, models of design pedagogy, and environmental culture.

    He is the recipient of numerous research, publication grants and awards including the Graham Foundation, Mexico’s National Council for Culture and Arts (CONACULTA), Princeton University’s Barr Ferree Foundation, and a University of San Diego’s Faculty Undergraduate Research Mentor Award. His work has been exhibited and presented nationally and internationally at numerous institutions including: the University of Southern California; University of California, Los Angeles; Harvard’s Graduate School of Design; Storefront, New York; Canadian Center for Architecture, Montreal; Museo Tamayo, Mexico City; Tec de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara; the US Pavilion at the  Venice Biennale; the University of Applied Sciences, Bochum; Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar; Alvar Aalto University Jyvaskyla, Finland; and Busan National University, Busan, South Korea.

    Awarded a Graham Foundation Grant for Individuals, López-Pérez is the editor of Fuller in Mexico! The Architectural Alternative (Arquine, CONACULTA, 2015), a study of R. Buckminster Fuller’s “World Design Science Decade”. López-Pérez curated an exhibition and a series of lectures and roundtable discussions in the American Pavilion at the 2014 Venice Biennale, as part of the OfficeUS program. Made possible in part by a Barr Ferree Foundation Fund awarded by the Department of Art and Archeology at Princeton University, López-Pérez edited R. Buckminster Fuller: World Man (Princeton Architectural Press, 2013), a study of Fuller’s never-before-published inaugural Kassler lecture delivered at Princeton University’s School of Architecture in 1966.

    As the result of a two year research seminar with the students of Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, and in collaboration with Actar in Barcelona, López-Pérez co-edited The Function of Form (Actar, 2010) with Farshid Moussavi. López-Pérez was one of the co-designers and curators of the exhibition Clip / Stamp / Fold, The Radical Architecture of Little Magazines from 196x to 197x. Clip / Stamp / Fold opened at the Storefront Gallery in New York and has since been exhibited at the Canadian Center for Architecture, in Montreal and the Architectural Association in London, among other international venues.

    In professional practice, López-Pérez is the founder of Transversal Group (www.transversalgroup.com) and has been project architect in a number of large-scale commissions and international competitions for David Chipperfield Architects in London, some of which were awarded first prizes such as the extension to the San Michele Cemetery in Venice. In New York, López-Pérez was project architect for Foreign Office Architects, within the United Architects Team; whose submission was a finalist in the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation’s World Trade Center Ideas Competition.

    Currently, López-Pérez is building a number of residential and mix-use projects along the coast of Baja California.



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  • Derrick Cartwright

    Recent scholarly publications include:

    “Acquired Tastes: Experiments in Campus-based Museums,” OAR: Oxford Artistic and Practice Based Research Platform 3 (Oct. 2017): 10-17.

    “Church or Factory: Radical Inclusivity and Vanguard Practice in 1960s New York,” World Futures 73 (2017): 23-34.

    Monet’s Étretat: Destination and Motif (San Diego: Timken Museum of Art, 2017).

    “An Interview with Wayne Thiebaud,” in Wayne Thiebaud, By Hand: Works on Paper, 1965-2015 (San Diego: University Galleries, 2016): 11-17.

    “’Modern American Painting’: Robert Henri’s Exhibition for the Panama California Exposition,” in H. Katz, ed., Masterworks of the Exposition Era (San Diego: San Diego History Center, 2015): 6-9.

    “Robert Henri’s California Faces,” in Robert Henri’s California: Realism, Race, and Region (Laguna: Laguna Art Museum, 2014): 13-39.

    “Robert Henri’s San Diego,” in Amy Galpin, ed., Behold, America!: Art of the United States from Three San Diego Museums (San Diego: The San Diego Museum of Art, 2012): 224-43.

    “Ginny Ruffner’s Seattle Garden,” Sculpture 31 (July/Aug. 2012): 52-55.

    Ceci n’est pas un musée: Distance and Resistance in Franco-American Cultural Exchange,” in B. Groseclose and J. Wierich, eds. Internationalizing the History of American Art: Views (University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2009): 119-40.

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  • Dustin Sharp

    "Through a Glass Darkly; Three Important Conversations for Human Rights Professionals," (Journal of Human Rights Practice, forthcoming).

    "Positive Peace, Paradox, and Contested Liberalisms," (International Studies Review, forthcoming).

    "Pragmatism and Multidimensionality in Human Rights Advocacy," 40 Hum. Rts. Q. 499 (2018).

    Re-Thinking Transitional Justice for the 21st Century: Beyond the End of History (Cambridge University Press, 2018)

    “Re-Appraising the Significance of ‘Third-Generation’ Rights in a Globalized World,” in Ekaterina Yahyaoui Krivenko (ed.), Human Rights and Power in Times of Globalization (Brill | Nijoff, 2018)

    “Transitional Justice and 'Local' Justice,” in Cheryl Lawther, Luke Moffett & Dov Jacobs (eds.), Research Handbook on Transitional Justice (Edward Elgar, 2017).

    “Human Rights Fact-Finding and the Reproduction of Hierarchies,” in Philip Alston and Sarah Knuckey (eds.), The Transformation of Human Rights Fact-Finding (Oxford University Press, 2016).

    “Emancipating Transitional Justice from the Bonds of the Paradigmatic Transition,” 9 Int’l J. Transitional Justice 150 (2015)

    "Accountability: A Critical Link in the Security-Development Nexus," in Jessica Piombo (ed.), The U.S. Military in Africa: Enhancing Security & Development (Lynnne Rienner, 2015).

    "Security Sector Reform for Human Security: The Role of International Law and Transitional Justice in Shaping More Effective Policy and Practice," in Matthew Saul & James Sweeney (eds.), International Law & Post-Conflict Reconstruction Policy (Routledge, 2015).

    “The Significance of Human Rights for the Debt of Countries in Transition,” in Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky & Jernej Cernic (eds.), Making Sovereign Financing & Human Rights Work (Hart Publishing, 2014).

    Justice & Economic Violence in Transition (Springer, 2014).

    “Addressing Dilemmas of the Global and the Local in Transitional Justice,” 29 Emory Int'l L. Rev. 71 (2014).

    “Beyond the Post-Conflict Checklist: Linking Peacebuilding and Transitional Justice Through the Lens of Critique,” 14 Chicago J. Int'l L. 165 (2013).

    “Interrogating the Peripheries; The Preoccupations of Fourth Generation Transitional Justice,” 26 Harv. Hum. Rts. J. 149 (2013).

    "Bridging the Gap; DDR, Transitional Justice and the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission," in Chandra Lekha Sriram, Olga Martin-Ortega, and Johanna Herman (eds.), Transitional Justice & Peacebuilding On the Ground: Victims and Excombatants (Routledge, 2012).

    “Addressing Economic Violence in Times of Transition: Toward a Positive-Peace Paradigm for Transitional Justice,” 35 Fordham Int'l L. J. 780 (2012).

    “Requiem for a Pipedream; Oil, the World Bank, and the Need for Human Rights Assessments,” 25 Emory Int’l L. Rev. 379 (2011).

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  • Hans Schmitz

    2015. The Global Health Network on Alcohol Control. Successes and Limits of Evidence-Based Advocacy, Health Policy and Planning (forthcoming).

    2014. Principled Instrumentalism: A Theory of Transnational NGO Behavior, Review of International Studies (with George E. Mitchell).

    2014. Networks in Public Administration. Current Scholarship in Review, Public Management Review 16 (5), 643-665 (with Jesse Lecy and Ines Mergel).

    2013. Rebels without a cause? Transnational Diffusion and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), 1986-2011, in: Transnational Dynamics of Civil War, edited by Jeffrey T. Checkel, Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 120-48.

    2013. Encouraging Greater Compliance: Local Networks and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), in: The Persistent Power of Human Rights. From Commitment to Compliance, edited by Thomas Risse, Stephen Ropp and Kathryn Sikkink, Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 203-21 (with Wagaki Mwangi and Lothar Rieth).

    2013. International Human Rights, in: Handbook of International Relations (2nd edition), edited by Walter Carlsnaes, Thomas Risse and Beth A. Simmons, London: Sage, 827-51 (with Kathryn Sikkink).

    2012. A Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA) in Practice: Evaluating NGO Development Efforts, Polity 44 (4), 523-41.

    2012. Accountability of Transnational NGOs: Aspirations versus Practice, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 41 (6), 1176-95 (with Paloma Raggo and Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken).
    2012. ‘Corporations and NGOs: When Accountability leads to Co-optation,’ Journal of Business Ethics 106 (1), 9-21 (with Dorothea Baur).

    2012. Non-Governmental and Not-For-Profit Organizational Effectiveness: A Modern Synthesis, Voluntas 23 (2), 434-57 (with Jesse D. Lecy and Haley Swedlund).

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  • Necla Tschirgi

    Tschirgi, Necla and Richard Ponzio. “The Dynamics that Shaped the Establishment of the Peacebuilding Architecture in the Early Years.” In UN Peacebuilding Architecture, edited by Cedric de Coning and Eli Stamnes. New York: Routledge, 2016.

    Tschirgi, Necla. “Rebuilding War-Torn Societies: A Critical Review of International Approaches.” In Managing Conflict in a World Adrift, edited by Chester Crocker, Pamela Aall, and Fen Hampson. Washington, D.C.: United States Institute of Peace Press, 2015.

    Tschirgi, Necla and Cedric de Coning. “Ensuring Sustainable Peace: Strengthening Global Security and Justice through the UN Peacebuilding Architecture.” Background Paper. Report of the Commission on Global Security, Justice & Governance. The Hague Institute for Global Justice, 2015.

    Tschirgi, Necla. “The Securitisation of Peacebuilding.” In Routledge Handbook of Peacebuilding, edited by Roger Mac Ginty. New York: Routledge, 2013.

    Tschirgi, Necla, Michael S. Lund, and Francesco Mancini, eds. Security and Development: Searching for Critical Connections. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2009.

    Full list of publications.

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  • Thomas Ehrlich Reifer

    Dr. Reifer has published in the Encyclopedia of Intelligence & Counterintelligence (2005), The Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology (2006), International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (2nd edition, 2008); "From 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina:  War, the 21st Century & America's Future," in Destroy & Profit:  Wars, Disasters, & Corporations, 2006, Focus on the Global South http://www.focusweb.org/pdf/Reconstruction-Dossier.pdf "Unlocking the Black Box of Globalization," in Nelson Lichtenstein, ed., The Traveling Box:  Containers as the Global Icon of our Era, forthcoming.  Currently working on a series of books, including Blown Away:  US Militarism, Hurricane Katrina & the Challenges of the 21st Century; Earth, Wind & Fire; September 11th, Terrorism & the Globalization of Human Rights; Violence, Profits & Power and The Social Foundations of Global Conflict & Cooperation (coordinated project, forthcoming).Edited books include Globalization, Hegemony & Power:  Antisystemic Movements & the Global System and Global Crises & the Challenges of the 21st Century (forthcoming). 

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  • Topher McDougal

    Ferguson, Neil T.N., Maren M. Michaelsen, and Topher L. McDougal. “From Pax Narcotica to Guerra Publica: Explaining Civilian Violence in Mexico’s Illicit Drug War.” In Economic Aspects of Genocides, Other Mass Atrocities, and Their Prevention, edited by Charles H. Anderton and Jurgen Brauer. New York: Oxford University Press, 2016.

    McDougal, Topher L. and Raul Caruso. “Is there a relationship between wartime violence and postwar agricultural development outcomes? The case of concessions and community grants in Mozambique,” Political Geography 50 (2016). DOI: 10.1016/j.polgeo.2015.09.001.

    McDougal, Topher L.Some Observations on the Practical Peace Scholar,” Business, Peace, and Sustainable Development 5 (2015).

    McDougal, Topher L. “Estimating the Size of the Illicit Small Arms Economy in San Diego”, Working Paper 201511-01 Small Arms Data Observatory, 2015.

    McDougal, Topher L., Talia Hagerty, Lisa Inks, Claire-Lorentz Ugo-Ike, Caitriona Dowd, Stone Conroy, and Daniel Ogabiela. “The Effect of Farmer-Pastoralist Violence on Income: New Survey Evidence from Nigeria’s Middle Belt States,” The Economics of Peace and Security Journal 10:1 (2015).

    McDougal, Topher L., Talia Hagerty, Lisa Inks, Claire-Lorentz Ugo-Ike, Caitriona Dowd, and Stone Conroy. “The Macroeconomic Benefits of Farmer-Pastoralist Peace in Nigeria’s Middle Belt: An Input-Output Analysis Approach,” The Economics of Peace and Security Journal 10:1, (2015).

    McDougal, Topher L. and Lars Almquist. “The Effects of Agricultural Cooperatives on Land Conflicts, Violence, and Community Trust: Household-Level Evidence from Rural Burundi,” Economics of Peace and Security Journal 9:2 (2014).

    McDougal, Topher L., Athena Kolbe, Robert Muggah, and Nicholas Marsh.“Ammunition Leakage from Military to Civilian Markets: Market Price Evidence from Haiti, 2004-2012” Working Paper 201407-01, Small Arms Data Observatory, 2014.

    McDougal, Topher L., David A. Shirk, Robert Muggah, and John H. Patterson. “The Way of the Gun: Estimating Firearms Traffic Across the U.S.-Mexico Border”, Journal of Economic Geography, 2014.

    Conroy, Stephen J. and Topher L. McDougal “Editorial: Addressing the Call for Leadership for Peace and Prosperity,” Business, Peace, and Sustainable Development 3 (2014), 3-12.

    McDougal, Topher L.Stability and the Economy: Cooperative Game Theoretic Implications for Economic Policy in a Dual-Sector Economy,” Stability: International Journal of Security and Development, 2:2 (2013).

    McDougal, Topher L.Law of the Landless: The Dalit Bid for Land Redistribution in Gujarat, India,” Law & Development Review 4:1 (2011), 141-167.

    McDougal, Topher L.Predation and Production in a Core-Periphery Model: A Note,” Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy 17:1 (2011).

    Full list of publications.

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