​California Consensus for Peace Through Technology

Advancing peace through advances in technology.

Conflict, human rights violations and injustice are global issues that require creative problem solving. As our understanding of peacebuilding evolves, so does our exploration of how new technologies and new methodologies can be used to overcome these peace and security challenges. To ignite the conversation and work on solutions, the California Consensus for Peace through Technology (CalCon), presented by the University of San Diego's Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies in partnership with the One Earth Future Foundation, is where knowledge exchange happens between:

  • pioneering peace and security researchers pitching their innovative projects that use technology to better understand and prevent violent conflict;
  • technologists and funders with the capacity to accelerate projects or help them scale up;
  • policymakers capable of identifying and responding to the world's toughest peace and security challenges.

Learn more about how CalCon serves as a marketplace of ideas for researchers, technologist, funders and policymakers.

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