Message from the Dean

Peace Innovators

First annual Peace Innovators

Reflecting on today’s greatest social challenges brings to mind the famous quote attributed to Albert Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” In a few words, we cannot expect to solve humanity’s challenges of injustice, violent conflict, poverty and climate change with approaches that have proven ineffective. We can hardly expect to shape needed transformations in systems everywhere with the same thinking and action. One example is corruption, extensive in most countries experiencing the greatest hardships, and rooted in everyday dynamics and practices. It will not disappear with approaches of the past. Fresh thinking and solutions are needed, not more of the same. 

For the Kroc School, innovation is an integral part of our scholarship and teaching agenda. The School attracts and supports scholar-practitioners pushing our understanding of how to build and sustain greater peace in communities all over the world. They are peace innovators generating fresh ideas on what can be done in peacebuilding and social change, and how it can be done. In the 10th anniversary of the Kroc School, we celebrate with 10 Peace Innovators who will be sharing stories of their transformative ideas driving change at the community, national and global level. Join Peace Innovators on March 6th.

Dean Patricia Marquez Dean Patricia Marquez "Fresh thinking and solutions are needed, not more of the same."