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Parking Information

Carpool Parking Spaces

Carpool spaces are for commuter students or employees who travel to school with two or more people of legal driving age in the vehicle.

  • A carpool permit may be obtained daily from the Main or West Kiosk.
  • A carpool permit is required to park in these spaces between 7:00am-10:00am, Monday through Friday.
  • Carpool permits must be stamped with the current date.
  • Carpool permits must be used in conjunction with valid USD Commuter or Faculty/Staff permits. Fringe, Reserved or Resident permits are not valid for use in carpool spaces.

Carpool spaces are located in the Mission Structure, Law School Lot, Hughes East Lot, Olin Lot, and the Institute for Peace and Justice Garage. Click here for a map of carpool parking spaces. Use the Main Entrance to obtain Mission Structure, Law School, or Hughes East carpool permits or the West Entrance to obtain Olin or IPJ carpool permits.

Handicapped Parking Spaces

Disabled spaces and access corridors are reserved for vehicles displaying a valid disabled placard/license plate issued by any official agency from one of the 50 United States.

  • Any vehicle displaying a handicap placard must also display a valid USD parking permit when on university property
  • Any vehicle displaying a valid placard and any valid USD permit may park in white-lined, yellow-lined, USD tow away, pay and display or time-restricted space without being cited.
  • A vehicle displaying a disabled placard/license plate is not permitted to park in any reserved space from 6:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday, or during the time indicated.
  • A vehicle displaying a valid USD permit and current disabled placard/license plate is not permitted to create their own parking space or park along a red curb or fire lane.
  • Temporary disabled placards (up to thirty days) are also issued through USD Parking Services and are available to individuals who present a verifiable note from a medical doctor specifically requesting special parking needs. A specific date range must be included in order for issuance. If a disabled permit is needed for a longer period of time, please use this thirty day period of time to obtain a placard from the DMV.
  • In compliance with the California Vehicle Code Section 22511.56, any Parking Services or Public Safety personnel may confiscate disabled placards/license plates that are being misused. For more information, please visit Contact Parking Services if you believe your placard has been confiscated.

Click here for a map of handicapped parking spaces.

Electric Vehicle Spaces

EV charging spaces are available for faculty, staff, students and guests to charge their vehicles. There will be blue signs to mark each charging space. Electric vehicle charging spaces are operated by The Blink Network. Click here for FAQs and instructions on how to use the Blink charging stations or visit

  • Non-electric vehicles and electric vehicles not actively charging will be cited.
  • Valid permits are required at all times in the EV spaces.

EV stations are located in the Mission Structure, Manchester Garage, Alcala Vistas North and the Institute for Peace and Justice Garage. Please click here for a map of all available charging locations.

Motorcycle Parking Spaces

Motorcycles, mopeds, or scooters parked on campus must display a valid USD Motorcycle permit while USD property.Yourpermitmust be affixed to a visible part of the motorcycle. It may be placed on the fender, spoke, etc.

USD provides specifically assigned spaces for motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. All other vehicles may be cited and towed. Motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters must park in these specific spaces, or they will be subject to cite. Please see this map for locations of motorcycle parking areas.

Reserved Parking Spaces

Each reserved space is assigned to a full-time faculty/staff member or designated department.All other permit classifications in these spaces are subject to citation and/or tow.

Reserved permits are assigned to a specific space.Reserved permits are only valid in their assigned spaces or the West Lot/Structure.

If an unauthorized vehicle is occupying your reserved space between 6:00am and 5:00pm, please contact Parking Services to have this vehicle cited and/or towed.  During these incidents, you may park in USD tow-away, loading spaces, white or yellow lined spaces. Do not park in another reserved space or a disabled space. Please be sure to have your reserved permit displayed at all times.

If you are a full-time faculty or staff member and would like to be placed on a reserved space waiting list, please email or call Parking Services.

Loading Zones and Pay and Display Parking Spaces

Loading zone spaces are available around campus. These spaces are for active loading/unloading only. All loading zones are designated for 15 minutes or less, unless otherwise marked. Vehicles may not re-park in the same loading zone to reset the vehicle’s time allotment.

Parking at Pay and Display Machine

Pay and display spaces require payment between 7:00am and 9:00pm on weekdays. All employees, students, and visitors (including those with a valid USD parking permit displayed) must pay machine.

  • University Center North Lot
  • Torero Bookstore
  • Vista Lot, adjacent to the pool and sports Center
  • $.75 per half hour. Payment methods accepted are Master Card, Visa and coins. Maximum 2 hours for $3.00.