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Appeal Agreement

You may request a review of the parking citation if you believe that the violation did not occur, or that extenuating circumstances warrant the dismissal of the citation. The request for a citation review may be made by completing and submitting a “Request for citation Review” form. No payment of fine is required until the Citation Review has been completed. **

A correctly filled out and issued parking citation is considered “prima facie” evidence that the stated violation occurred. The citation will be upheld unless the issuing agency is satisfied that the violation did not occur or decides that extenuating circumstances warrant its dismissal. Lack of intent or financial hardship is not sufficient grounds for canceling a citation. It is your responsibility to know and understand all parking regulations. Citations will not be recommended for dismissal for not knowing the regulations, violations endangering life or safety, and/or not seeing the signs or parking space markings.

Please ensure that you know and understand all parking rules and regulation. For the complete rules you can go on the parking website or come into the Parking Services office located in the University Center, room 102.

Citations must be paid in full, prior to re-appealing your citation(s).**

Appeal Details

Appeal requests must be received within 14 days of the citation issue date. Failure to meet these deadlines will result in the loss of any opportunity to contest the citation, and all fines will be due according to the schedule on the citation. Once your appeal is submitted, the due date on your original citation is no longer valid. You do not need to pay your citation while you are awaiting the results of your appeal. If your appeal is denied, you will be given a new due date for payment of your citation.

It is very important that the Request for Citation Review be filled out completely and accurately for us to process your request. Please contact Parking Services if you have questions about how to prepare the Citation Review form.

Please DO NOT fill out multiple appeals for the same citation, this will only slow down the process.

Results will be to the e-mail address specified below.

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Citation Information

Please state why you are requesting a review of the above citation. Provide all pertinent information and be as detailed as possible.

Supporting Documents
  Allowed files: pdf.

By submission of this form I certify that the above testimony is true under penalty of perjury.

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