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Q: My student has a question regarding his/her financial aid, registration and student account. Who can they speak to?
A: Located in Hahn University Center, room 126, the One Stop Student Center welcomes all students who need assistance with their registration, student account, or financial aid. One Stop provides outstanding customer service to students in one location.

Q: What services are available for students adjusting to college-level courses or seeking assistance in their academics?
A: The Center for Student Success is available to all students who need peer advising and preceptorial assistance. In addition, specific programs are tailored for first-year, transfer, and commuter students through Student Success Workshops, Transfer Student Program, and Commuter Student programs. Students are also encouraged to form study groups with their classmates, find the right place to study on campus, and meet with their professors during office hours or by appointment.

Q: Where can my student sign up for the language and math placement exams?
A: For information regarding the language placement exam click here. For information regarding the math placement exam click here.

Q: How do students without cars get around San Diego?
A: There are various ways students without cars can travel around San Diego:

  • Zipcar is a car rental program available on campus for students to reserve and use. Students can reserve online for up to several hours at a time and for a low annual fee and hourly rate.
  • Public transportation is accessible near the main entrance of USD. From the bus, students can access the trolley, the Amtrack and connect to other buses.
  • USD trams transport students to and from the Old Town Transit Center:
    Morning tram to and from Old Town Transit Center: 6:45 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. (approximately every half-hour)
    Afternoon tram to and from Old Town Transit Center: 3 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. (approximately every half-hour)

Q: Where can my student buy his/her parking permit?
A: Permits are required for anyone to park their car on campus and the permit can be purchased online through the Parking Services Office.

Q: If there is a conflict between my student and their roommate(s), who do they address this with?
A: Students can address conflicts with their Resident Assistant (RA) who can recommend strategies to resolve the situation at hand. It’s helpful to review the information on Housing/Community Living Standards which can be found on the Residential Lifewebsite.

Q: My student wants to get involved on campus but doesn't know where to go. What do you recommend?
A: There are several ways for students to become involved at USD. Students can become involved through student organizations, working on campus and community service learning to name a few. Visit our student involvement page for a list of activities and clubs.

Q: Does my student have a campus address? How do I mail something to my student?
A: Students living on campus are assigned a mail box that they can keep for as long as they reside in on-campus housing. In order to ensure prompt delivery of student mail and packages, be sure that mail is addressed in the following way:

Student's Name
University of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park, Unit (student box number here)
San Diego, CA 92110 - (include the designated four-digit number for your box number)

Visit the the Mail Center for more information and policies.

Q: Where can my student go if he or she has any health and/or wellness concerns?
A: Students can go the following locations, depending on the type of health issue or question:

Q: How can I order a care package for my student?
A: The USD Torero Store offers an easy way to send your student a surprise package along with your warmest wishes. A gift package, filled with delicious treats, can be sent any time during the school year for a birthday, get well, or just because. There are a variety of tempting options that feature cakes, treats, fun accessories and balloons. Peruse through the options on the Torero Store website.

Flowers, balloons and plants can be ordered for delivery from Wholesale Flowers at (619) 295-3444 or Flowers by Annette Gomez at (760) 632-1330.

Flowers should be addressed to your student’s campus mailing address and the Mail Center will inform your student a delivery has arrived for pick up. Visit the Mail Center for more information.