October 2013 Newsletter

Dear Families,

The academic year is officially in full swing! Students have settled into a routine and are getting more and more involved with life at USD. Therefore, parents and families are encouraged to stay informed of resources available for their students. Click here to learn about those resources.

University Ministry

University Ministry supports students in their religious and spiritual growth as well as in their exploration of the big questions of life: What is my life’s purpose?  What do I believe?  Where and when do I experience God most powerfully?  Where does my deep gladness meet the world’s great needs?  What is the meaning of my life and what should I do with it? We also strive to create a campus community in which all students can experience a sense of belonging so they can most fully succeed. Click here to read more, especially about the following events:

•    Weekly: Emmaus Faith Sharing Groups
•    Oct. 13: Homecoming & Family Weekend Mass
•    Oct. 24-27: East Los Angeles Immersion Experience
•    Nov. 15-17: Search Retreat
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USD's 10th Annual Grandparents' Weekend

Celebrate the 10th Annual Grandparents' Weekend, Feb. 21-22, 2014. Grandparents’ Weekend is especially planned for grandparents and extended family members, and a time to reconnect with your students while enjoying the beautiful landscape of USD. You just can't miss this fun weekend! Visit the Grandparents' Weekend webpage. Click here to share grandparents directory information to receive an invitation.

"Not on My Watch": A USD Initiative

This past Monday September 30th, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) awarded a $300,000, three-year grant to the University of San Diego (USD) to implement a comprehensive suicide prevention program.  This grant in conjunction with the “Not on My Watch” initiative launched by the University’s Wellness Area earlier this September, will allow USD to implement a sustained campaign to prevent suicide.  Through enhanced collaborations, trainings and other educational interventions the University of San Diego plans to: 1) increase the awareness of mental health concerns, suicide risk and protective factors 2) enhance help seeking behavior and 3) create environmental changes that promote the overall health and wellness of the USD community. Click here to read more about the "Not on My Watch" initiative.


Be sure to remind your student that Part 2 of the MyStudentBody.com online alcohol education course must be completed by October 21, 2013. A $250 non-negotiable non-compliance fee will be assessed to students who do not fully complete both portions of the course within the deadlines. For more information regarding Part 2, the 60-day follow-up portion of the MyStudentBody.com “Essentials Course”, please visit www.sandiego.edu/chwp/mystudentbody

The new USD App is here

Need to get pertinent information about the University of San Diego campus or personal information such as course materials, grades and real-time tracking for the next tram via a mobile application? You can now! The latest edition of the MySanDiego Mobile App is now available for download. Click here to read more about the USD App. Click here to watch a video of how the new USD App can be helpful to students.

important dates and events
Financial aid application for January Intersession available
Oct. 1
Columbus Day
Oct. 14 | Class in session
  Hate Crimes Awareness Week
Oct. 14-18
  Deadline to petition for May 2014 graduation
Oct. 15
MyStudentBody Part 2 Deadline
Oct. 21
  Fall Holiday: No Classes
Oct. 25
  USD's Founders Gala
November 2

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