Mud Caving

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It's like a completely different world in desert. The caving was awesome and I loved when the entire group turned off our lights and hiked out in the absolute dark! – participant

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Mud Caving & Hot Springs Overnight March 1-2

It’s time to get dirty!  Thrilling is an appropriate descriptor for our trip to Arroyo Tapiado Mud Caves in Anza Borrego Desert State Park. Stroll leisurely through some caves and push your limits while crawling through others as you explore some of the most expansive mud caves in the world.

With just a headlamp and water bottle, our trained guides will lead, instruct and inform you as you squeeze and crawl through the dirt-paved routes to find caves that will leave you amazed.

Whether you are a seasoned desert traveler or brand new to the vast, exciting world of outdoor adventures, an afternoon of mud caving is sure to incite in you a new appreciation for the unique state park to our east!

Aqua Caliente County Park is well known for its thermal springs and we will certainly enjoy a soak in the natural mineral water.

Difficulty Level:

This trip is considered easy, with some portions of moderate difficulty. Many of the caves and slot canyons are large enough for us to hike through. Some will have sections that are more confined and require crawling, however, it is always the participants choice to pass through each cave.

Anza Borrego Mud Cave

student mudcaving

Watch the video, Go toward the light.

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