Stephanie Halper

Favorite trip/outdoor activity:

Trip- Road trip with my family in an rv to Yellowstone national park

Outdoor activity- hiking and kayaking

Favorite outdoor location in San Diego:

The stable I board at in Spring Valley (hilly desert landscape)

Three things you wish you knew prior to starting college:

  • Living on your own is more expensive than you anticipate
  • There are a ton of resources available to you to help you be successful and do what you want to do
  • Classes and teachers aren’t as scary and difficult as popular media sometimes portrays them

Why did you join the guide program?

To get the opportunity to go on more trips, gain experience in outdoor activities as well as gain leadership and facilitation skills

Weirdest food you have created and/or ate:

Backed crickets in Nashville, TN.

OA gives me the opportunity to find new places to explore in San Diego that I never would have known about. It also gives me the experience and knowledge to know how to do my own exploration of the outdoors. – Stephanie Halper

Contact Information

Outdoor Adventures
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San Diego, CA 92110

Phone: (619) 260-4709

Office Hours

M-F 12 p.m. –5  p.m.