Favorite outdoor location in San Diego:Every Beach/Joshua Tree (in the San Diego region)

Favorite trip/outdoor activity: Rock Climbing

Five things you wish you knew prior to starting college:

  • There’s a lot more places to study then just the library
  • The SLP has a roof top
  • Take pictures/journal, it goes fast
  • 8am classes really aren’t worth it
  • There are free tutors for nearly every subject

Dream job after college: Cafe owner in New Zealand.

Why did you join the guide program: Was involved in outdoor activities pre-college and decided to stick with it in college.

Weirdest outdoor food you have created and/or ate: Wild crabs in Costa Rica

Funniest outdoor trip experience: Falling out of a kayak and pants being pulled off by current, and getting out on shore naked.

What is something no one else knows about you: It’s a secret.

Yo man. Totally dude. Chill bro. – Sean

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