Danford Jooste

Favorite trip/outdoor activity:

I don’t have one, but I really enjoy bicycling, hiking, sailing, rock climbing and windsurfing.

Favorite outdoor location in San Diego:

Mission Bay

Three things you wish you knew prior to starting college:

  1. The wind strength in San Diego
  2. How many division 2.3 poisons allowed in a vehicle
  3. Spanish

Why did you join the guide program?

There’s too many awesome places to visit and the guide program gives me the opportunity to visit them with the added bonus that great friends get to join me.

Weirdest food you have created and/or ate:

Mopane worms amongst other worms.

Change starts with you, Tom. – Danford Jooste

Contact Information

Outdoor Adventures
Hahn University Center 136
5998 Alcalá Park
San Diego, CA 92110

Phone: (619) 260-4709

Office Hours

M-F 12 p.m. –5  p.m.