Undergraduate Careers

Students graduating from the University of San Diego with a baccalaureate degree will have a unique advantage in pursuing their career choices. With a curriculum grounded in the Catholic tradition and shaped by the liberal arts, USD focuses on the development of the whole person—their intellectual, spiritual, creative and social capacity.

USD students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to write well, think critically, ethically and quantitatively, ask the right questions, recognize problems and work within teams to develop solutions. These skills, coupled with service learning and studying abroad, equip USD graduates with a unique global outlook and an appreciation for the cultural diversity of people and ideas.

These are the combined skills that today's global companies and institutions are looking for as they search for working professionals expected to accomplish more with fewer resources.

Current Status of 2016-17 USD Graduates


A degree from the University of San Diego is a significant achievement for several reasons, but one critical advantage is students receiving a well-rounded liberal arts education. Graduates are often ready to jump into important roles as a result of skill-set development opportunities through leadership, research, problem-solving projects and study abroad programs to give students a global perspective. See more information about employment outcomes after graduation.

Graduate Schools and Professional Development

Top-tier graduate programs in nursing, business, peace studies, education, executive and global leadership, nonprofit management regularly produce supremely skilled, intelligent and quality critical thinkers who can solve problems, fulfill a leadership role and be a major contributor to a company's success. An abundance of professional development opportunities are also available through USD's Professional and Continuing Education programs. Explore more detail about recent graduate school destinations.

Volunteer Service Programs

In addition to academic excellence, an essential part of the University of San Diego's mission is compassionate service. This is the type of student the University attracts. It stems from our rich Catholic moral and social tradition, which teaches students to recognize the needs of those less fortunate than themselves and to protect those who are most vulnerable. Learn about students who pursue careers in volunteer service programs.