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OLÉ! Weekend Schedule

August 29 - September 1, 2015

Check back for the 2015 OLÉ! Weekend Schedule!

OLÉ! Weekend is your official welcome to the University of San Diego. This four-day program allows you to move in, meet your fellow classmates, connect with your faculty advisor, and begin experiencing life in your Living Learning Community (LLC). 

To assist with your planning for OLÉ! Weekend, scroll down to see the 2014 schedule at a glance or click here for a detailed schedule

Please note: This schedule is from 2014. 

Saturday, August 30 Sunday, August 31 
  • Move-in (8am-2pm)
  • Residence hall community meetings
  • First-generation student and family lunch    
  • Be Well @ USD
  • Black Student Success Reception 
  • Athletic Showcase and lunch 
  • Get settled, relax and explore campus 
  • Choose YOUR Campus Adventure Activities 
  • Commuter student check-in and meeting 
  • Mass of Welcome*
  • New student and family dinners 
  • Dinner with your preceptorial assistant (PA)
  • Meet your resident assistant (RA) and hall mates
  • New Student Welcome
  • Campus tour and SURPRISE event!
  • Torero Program Board (TPB) presents: Taste of TPB 
Monday, September 1 Tuesday, September 2
  • Belonging @ USD
  • International students mandatory meeting with the deans 
  • Lunch and get your LLC t-shirt 
  • Preceptorial class meeting 
  • Introduction to your Living Learning Community (LLC)
  • Preceptorial assistant (PA) meeting 
  • Dinner and off-campus evening event 
  • New Student Convocation 


* Parent events will conclude with the Mass of Welcome on Sunday afternoon. 

The office of Parent Relations partners with the Orientation Planning Committee to coordinate a Parent and Family Orientation Program that coincides with your student's OLÉ! Weekend. The Parent and Family Orientation program runs from Move-In on Saturday, August 30th, to the Mass of Welcome on Sunday, August 31st. Click here to visit the Parent Relations website for more information.