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Torero Countdown Checklist

Please follow the Torero Countdown Checklist for all the steps you need to complete as you prepare for arrival and starting classes this fall.

You will receive the Torero Countdown Checklist in the mail after you deposit or click here for a copy.

Let's Get Started!

Mid-Summer Events and Tasks

Final Steps Before Arrival & OLÉ Weekend

Let's Get Started!

Now that you have deposited, these are the first steps to take on your way to becoming a Torero! Many of these steps can be completed on the MySanDiego Portal (my.sandiego.edu):

  • First create your USD email account: You can do this on the MySanDiego Portal (my.sandiego.edu)

  • May 5: Attend "Get Classes: Registration" Webinar (online program)

  • By June 1:

    • Complete Advising Questionnaire

      Note: This will become available on your MySanDiego Portal after May 11

    • Complete Housing Application

      Note: Complete the Advising Questionnaire first. A minimum meal plan will be assigned for new resident students on July 1. You may increase your plan at any time on the MySanDiego portal.

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Mid-Summer Events and Tasks

After completing the steps above, these are the next steps to take:

  • July 7: Attend "Get Down to Business: Paying Your Bill, Getting Your Aid & Avoiding Long Lines" Webinar (online program)
    • Complete all Financial Aid requirements (if applicable)
  • By July 15:
    • Send official final high school transcripts showing graduation date
    • Send results of AP/IB test scores as well as transcripts from any college work attempted
  • July 21: Make sure your parents participate in "Supporting Your Student's Transition" Webinar

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Final Steps

The final steps below take place in August, just before your arrival to USD:

  • August 1: Confirm your attendance at OLÉ! Weekend (August 29 - September 1)  
  • August 11: Attend "Get Excited: Countdown to Arrival" Webinar (online program)
  • By August 16: Submit a photo for your Torero ID Card
  • By August 16:Complete Part I of the MyStudentBody "Essentials Course" (online)
    • You can begin MyStudentBody on July 23 - visit the link above for detailed information. All first-year students are required to complete the MyStudentBody ‘Essentials’ course; a two part, online, alcohol, other drug, and sexual violence prevention course. A $250 non-negotiable, non-compliance fee will be assessed to students who fail to complete both portions of the course within the designated timeframe. 
  • By August 19:
    • Complete Required Immunizations and Submit Verification Forms
    • Complete the FERPA form on the MySanDiego Portal
    • Secure your parking permit (if applicable)
    • Order textbooks online
  • By August 22: Complete the waiver that you have comparable health insurance coverage
    • All students attending USD are required to have health insurance. To meet this requirement you can either purchase the USD sponsored plan, or you can waive the requirement by providing proof of insurance. Instructions will be made available with your student bill.
  • By August 27:
    • Pay bill or register for a payment plan (bills sent mid-to-late July)
    • The first monthly installment or payment in full is due by August 27

Make sure you've completed everything on the Torero Countdown checklist to ensure you're ready for OLÉ! Weekend!