Undergraduate Orientation Programs

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OLÉ! Weekend Schedule

August 29 - September 1, 2015

OLÉ! Weekend is your official welcome to the University of San Diego. This four-day program allows you to move in, meet your fellow classmates, connect with your faculty advisor, and begin experiencing life in your Living Learning Community (LLC). 

Each student will recieve a printed program booklet upon arriving to campus. Interested in a more detailed version of the OLÉ! Weekend Schedule? Feel free to view the schedule online here. 

You can also view our Schedule-at-a-Glance here

Saturday, August 29th Sunday, August 30th
  • Move-in 
  • Residence hall community meetings
  • First-generation Student and Family Lunch    
  • Be Well @ USD
  • Black Student Success Reception 
  • Mass of Welcome*
  • Get settled, relax and explore campus 
  • Choose YOUR Campus Adventure Activities 
  • Commuter student check-in and meeting 
  • Dinner with your Preceptorial Assistant (PA)
  • New Student and Family Welcome
  • Athletic Showcase
  • New Student and Family Dinners
  • Meeting with your PA
  • First Night at USD!
  • Torero Program Board (TPB) presents: Taste of TPB 
Monday, August 31st Tuesday, September 1at
  • Living Learning Community (LLC) Kick Off Event
  • Belonging @ USD
  • Preceptorial Class
  • Preceptorial assistant (PA) meeting 
  • New Student Convocation
  • Out-of-State Student Dessert Social 
  • A Night at the San Diego Zoo


* Parent events will conclude with the Mass of Welcome on Sunday afternoon. 

The office of Parent Relations partners with the Orientation Planning Committee to coordinate a Parent and Family Orientation Program that coincides with your student's OLÉ! Weekend. The Parent and Family Orientation program runs from Move-In on Saturday, August 29th, to the Mass of Welcome on Sunday, August 30th. Visit the Parent Relations website for more information.