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Report a USD Mailing

If you feel that you have received a commercial e-mail from USD after opting out of receiving e-mail from USD or from the area that sent the e-mail, please report that to us.

We need all of the information on this form. Without it, we have no way of tracking down where the message came from. You can copy and paste all of this information from the message itself. Remember to copy all headers! If you do not see any Received: headers, you will need to tell your e-mail software to show all headers. For example, in Eudora, use the “blah blah blah” button. In Mac OS X Mail, use the magnifying glass button. Those headers tell us exactly who sent the message.

Your E-Mail Address
The Headers Paste all of the headers into the above area. Make sure that this includes all of the Received: headers.
The Message Paste the message itself in the above box.
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