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Thanksgiving Trip to Havasu Falls

havasu falls

Join us for a Thanksgiving trip you will never forget! Outdoor Adventures is traveling to the Grand Canyon from November 25-30, 2014. We will travel to the Supai campground and Havasu Canyon. This will involve a moderately strenuous backpack of about 10 miles to/from the campground.

The price of this trip is $400 for the USD community and $500 for everyone else. Space is limited.

Havasupai Canyon

Havasupai Canyon, considered by many one of the most beautiful places on the planet is a tributary to the Colorado River. With turquoise water, clay cliffs, 200 foot waterfalls, and natural pools, it insures an incredible destination for Thanksgiving Break. We will backpack 10 miles into the Supai campground and then spend our break dayhiking and exploring one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The hike into and out of the Supai campground is rated as moderately difficult, while the dayhikes around the falls will generally be less challenging.

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We will meet at Outdoor Adventures on Tuesday, Nov. 25th and depart by 6:00 PM. We'll drive to Mojave National Preserve that evening where we will camp for the night. Wednesday, we will wake up early, finish the drive to the canyon and backpack to Supai campground. In Havasupai Canyon we will spend Thanksgiving and Friday in the canyon, then backpack out of Supai campground and start the drive back on Saturday. We will finish the drive on late Saturday or early Sunday, and will most of Sunday to wish we were still at the Grand Canyon.


Guides, transportation, food (except for meals on the road), camping gear, camping fees, environmental fees, and entrance fees.


Meals will be provided from breakfast on Wednesday until lunch on Saturday, as well as snacks throughout the trip.


We will be camping in 2- or 4-person backpacking tents. There will be pit toilets at the Supai campground.


You must have shoes you would be able to backpack 10 miles in. Flip flops are not permitted. Water shoes and hiking shoes designed for backpacking are required. Blisters are common and proper footwear is key to preventing them.


You will receive a detailed packing list upon registration and we will review it at a pre-trip meeting in early November 5.

"The blue-green waterfalls of Havasu Canyon are mesmerizing and attract visitors from around the world. Havasu Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls on this planet." - Wikipedia

Grand Canyon Trip

havasu creek and falls


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