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Drop Shadow

Mountain Hardware 20 degree Sleeping Bag


Stuffed: 9 x 18.

Extended: 78 (regular), 84 (long)


3 lbs (regular), 3 lbs 4oz (long)


20 degrees F, -7 degrees C


The Trekker hits the three-season temperature spread right in the middle. When nights are cool you can cinch the contoured hood and hunker down. When the weathers milder, theres no draft tube at the collar to impede welcome ventilation. Should you want to turn the Trekker into a zero degree bag, add an upgrade liner with the tie-in loops provided. Sleeping bag liner can be provided upon request.

Care and Maintenance:

  • Avoid putting the bag directly on the ground. Use a tarp or pad to protect the bag.
  • Avoid getting water on the bag. IT IS NOT WATERPROOF.
  • Shake clean before putting it back into the stuff sack.
  • Stuff the bag into the stuff sac, don't roll it up.

Rental Prices:

1-3 Days: $ 10.00

Add a day: $ 2.00