Outdoor Adventures

Drop Shadow


colinName: Colin Phillips

Year: Junior
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Major: Environmental Studies

Why did you join the guide program? I love the outdoors, I love nature, I love being active. I do not love sitting inside all day.

I am adventurous because…My DNA tells me to be

Favorite trip/outdoor activity: Surfing, snorkeling, mudcaving, cliff jumping, rock climbing

Favorite National Park: Anza-Borrego

Favorite outdoor location in San Diego: Marine Street Beach

Favorite place to hang out on campus: The Outdoor Adventure Center!!

Weirdest food you have created and/or ate: Raspberry, chocolate, marshmallow cobbler. Yes. It was amazing

Craziest trip experience: Snowball fight= shattered window

Worst injury from an outdoor trip: Broken finger nail

If you could go one place in the world where would you go? Tibet

Funniest outdoor trip experience: Craig slurping down chicken juice

What is one thing people don’t know about you? I’m claustrophobic and love mudcaving, I’m afraid of heights and love rock climbing. WEIRD!!

What certifications and trainings do you have: Wilderness First Responder, Scuba, CPR, First Aid

Favorite piece of outdoor gear: My closest companion and dear friend, my ancient Red Nalgene Water Bottle

What are five things you wish you knew prior to starting college?
Life goes on anyway

A few good friends is definitely better than 100 bad ones

Passing a math class is actually possible

Learning from experience is always better than learning from a text book

Exercise is the best stress relief possible

"RAWWWR!" - Colin