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Note: All nursing students are members of the GNSA

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Executive Board    
President Anthony Rodelo
Anthony Rodelo My name is Anthony Rodelo and I am excited to be your GNSA President for the 2013-2014 academic year. Prior to becoming a MEPN student at USD I spent over a decade serving in the United States Marine Corps. While in the Corps I completed an in-service commissioning program to earn a BA in political science from SDSU. I decided to pursue a career in nursing because I am a strong advocate of being a positive contributor to the community in the form of assisting individuals in need, particularly in terms of wellness and health. I am most interested in psychiatric nursing and aspire to provide mental health care to the veteran population. As GNSA President I aim to: directly communicate with the nursing student body and faculty to make certain that relevant issues and concerns are appropriately addressed and resolved; support the professional and scholastic development of graduate nursing students in the Hahn School of Nursing to better prepare current and future nurses for the challenges that coincide with client care; strengthen ties with existing healthcare organizations, committees, and networks to encourage interprofessional collaboration; and promote the Betty and Bob Beyster Institute for Nursing Research, Advanced Practice, and Simulation. Outside the classroom I enjoy all types of physical activities, to include running, hiking, biking, climbing, yoga, and shooting hoops. If there is anything I can do to enhance your nursing educational experience, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to meeting you all at GNSA meetings and events this year.
Vice President Christy Johnstone
Christy Johnstone I am a second year MEPN and am very excited to be your GNSA Vice President for this upcoming school year. I love traveling around the world, spending time with my friends and husband, having cheese and wine, hiking, jogging and generally anything that I can do in a social setting. My focus in nursing will likely be in the ED/ICU setting, but I'm still figuring that out, as I absolutely love OB. I currently work at Barona Casino in the IT department and have for almost 13 years. I look forward to working with the executive board to ensure that GNSA is the best possible representation for the study body and the Beyster Institute for Nursing Research. I am reminded every day of how fortunate I am to be part of an amazing cohort and school and I'm excited to represent the best nursing students around.
Secretary Lynell Lemon
Lynell Lemon My name is Lynell Lemon and I am a 2nd year MEPN student at USD. Working hard is a natural tendency for me and it comes from growing up on a farm in Michigan. I also lived my teenage years between Utah and the Middle East where I developed a love of diverse cultures and people. My BS is in Cultural Geography and I spent most of my adult life educating children in the Southeast United States. California has been my home for 6 years, first in Berkeley and now in La Jolla and I love it! I am very active in my church and community when I am not chasing after my two teenagers or enjoying a date with my husband. I enjoyed being involved in student leadership roles last year and I am excited about continuing to support my fellow Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science students by providing productive venues that encourage exchanges and mentoring between programs and students.
Treasurer Scott Teerlink
Scott Teerlink Hello Nursing Students! My name is Scott Teerlink and I am your GNSA Treasurer for the 2013-2014 school term. I received my BS in Public Health from SDSU and was a personal banker for 15-years. A weird combination, right? Wanting to help people with more than their financial well-being, I decided to finally pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. As GNSA Treasurer, I look forward to working with all who are in need of my services.Being a “newbie” in this position, I will do my best in finding answers to any questions I’m not familiar with. If there is anything I can help you with, my recommendation is: please let me know. Thank you!
Faculty Advisor Susie Hutchins,
Program Committee Chairperson: Lana Blank lblank@sandiego.edu
Graduate Student Council Liaisons: Vice Chairperson: Allegra Conway

Senator: Christa Campanella

Senator: Briana Riordan


Doctoral Liaisons: Sharon Kepple

Ryan Nations

Nurse Practitioner Liaison: Katherine Goehring

Kirsten Olsen

Faculty Committee Liaisons: 1st Year MEPN: Patrick Carey

2nd Year MEPN: Nicholas Ha Van Le

1st Year MEPN: Eric Pitt


Curriculum Liaison: Amanda Blanco amandablanco@sandiego.edu
Student Affairs Liaison: Gloria Avila

Judy Quilligan

Khristine Vinluan

Nicole Bloom

Lindsay Vanderstraeten




Information Technology (nTrack) Liaison: Jeremy Wansor jeremywansor@sandiego.edu
San Diego Chapter of the American Assembly for Men in Nursing Liaisons: President: Jeremy Wansor

Vice President: Michael Manriquez

MEPN Mentor Liaisons: Carli Johnston

Alexis Heard

Doctor of Nursing Practice Liaisons: Casey McGinnis caseymcginnis@sandiego.edu