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Note: All nursing students are members of the GNSA

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Eric Pitt
Eric PittMy name is Eric Pitt and I am very excited to be your GNSA President for the 2014-2015 academic year. Born in Florida, I have been living in San Diego for the past 10 years. I received my B.S. in Health Science with an emphasis in Public Health from SDSU. I decided to change careers and pursue nursing because I want to be a change agent in the health care industry and provide the best care I can to patients. As your President, my aim is to represent the nursing student body by working with the School of Nursing faculty to ensure a great experience for everyone. I also will work with my fellow GNSA officers to support your growth both professionally and scholastically by providing opportunities that will help you in the future. In my free time, I enjoy going hiking, hanging with my friends and family, traveling, and trying new things. I am very excited to support and represent you and welcome you to contact me anytime, and look forward to seeing you at our meetings and events. 

Vice President Amanda Blanco
Amanda Blanco

My name is Amanda Blanco and I am pleased to be your GNSA Vice President for the 2014-1015 academic year. I am from a small city outside of Los Angeles and completed my Bachelor's of Science in Physiology at UCLA. Prior to beginning the program I was interested in pediatric nursing; however, I have loved almost every unit I have worked on and can see myself in an Intensive or Progressive Care Unit after graduation. Currently, I work as a nurse assistant in a Progressive Care/Telemetry unit at Sharp Grossmont Hospital and in my free time I love being active, cooking and shopping.
Last year, I was involved in GNSA as our Curriculum Committee Representative. I also advocated for the creation of an additional 1st year Representative position. Additionally, I have worked to create a new branch of GNSA called the Diverse Nursing Student Association, which will promote cultural competence and provide support to all nursing students and faculty. I am currently a student member of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses and Mana de San Diego.
I am a very honest and vocal member of the MEPN 2015 class and I believe my strong communication skills will enable me to successfully represent and support the Hahn School of Nursing student body.

Secretary Rosemary Eppinger
Rosemary EppingerMy name is Rosemary Eppinger, and I am your GNSA secretary for the 2014-2015 academic year. I am beginning my second and final year in the MEPN program, and look forward to becoming an RN. I grew up in the mountains of Colorado where I quickly found excitement in outdoor adventure. I like to think I am an avid hiker, skier, rock climber, river rafter, and yogi. I obtained my BA from the University of Colorado Boulder in Integrative Physiology, where I also conducted research in Reproductive Neuroendocrinology. I began to lose excitement in research and sought a new path. After EMT school, a year of volunteering in an ED, and another working with image recovery in cancer patients, I found myself in nursing school in San Diego. I am unsure of what avenue in nursing I want to venture down as I find joy in geriatrics, oncology, pediatrics, and just about everything else. I look forward to serving as a member of the GNSA executive board to ensure a positive, progressive, and dynamic learning environment at USD’s Hahn School of Nursing.
Treasurer Devan Humphries
Devan HumphriesMy name is Devan Humphries and I'm eager to serve as your 2014-15 GNSA Treasurer. I was a business major in my pre-nursing life and have been working as an Associate for a Public Finance Consulting Firm for the last six years. I'm so excited to be a nurse and enjoy being in the MEPN program. My other interests fall between traveling, taking naps, wearing flip flops, trying new restaurants, helping my friends figure out Excel spreadsheets, swimming, hiking, applying my knowledge of How I Met Your Mother to my friends' lives, and the trinity of wine, coffee, and chocolate. I'm honored to be able to serve on your GNSA board and be the one to help keep track of the GNSA finances. Also, if you ever require a reimbursement, I'm the person you want to talk to. I look forward to seeing you all at the meetings!
Faculty Advisor Susie Hutchins,
Program Committee Chairperson: Christina Do cdo@sandiego.edu
Graduate Student Council Liaisons: Senator: Bree Bocksberger

Senator: Emily Deross

Doctoral Liaisons:

1st Year PhD: Noel Lipkin Leveque

2nd Year PhD: Carmen Spalding

3rd Year PhD: Jodi O’Brien




Nurse Practitioner Liaison: Leah Griffiths lgriffiths@sandiego.edu
Faculty Committee Liaisons:

1st Year MEPN: Kayla Dennis

2nd Year MEPN: Whitney McCannon



Curriculum Liaison: TBA  
Information Technology (nTrack) Liaison: TBA  
Diversity in Nursing Liaison Curriculum Liaison: Amanda Blanco

Natalie Ferdig

Student Affairs Liaison: Jennifer Buechler jbuechler@sandiego.edu
Information Technology (nTrack) Liaison: Trevor Hanson Trevorjhanson@sandiego.edu
MEPN Mentor Liaisons:

Devan Humphries

Taylor Parsons

Doctor of Nursing Practice Liaisons: Dr. Susie Hutchins shutchins@sandiego.edu