MSN Students: Curriculum

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Program Plan: 49 units

I. Graduate Core (6 units)
DNPC 611 Methods of Translational Science (3)
DNPC 648 Health Policy Analysis (3)

II. APN Core (13 units)
APNC 520 Pathophysiology (3)
APNC 521 APRN Physical Assessment and Diagnosis (4)
APNC 523 Pharmacology in Health Management (3)*
HCIN 540 Introduction to Health Care Information Management (3)

III. NP Emphasis (30 units)
NPTC 624 Primary Mental Health III: Psychopharmacology (5)
NPTC 627 Primary Mental Health Care I: Biopsychosocial Foundations of Behavior and Psychopathology (4)
NPTC 651 Primary Mental Health Care II: Psychiatric Assessment and Diagnoses (4)
NPTC 653 Primary Mental Health IVA: Individual Psychotherapy I (7)
NPTC 655 Primary Mental Health IVB: Individual Psychotherapy II (5)
NPTC 657 Primary Mental Health V: Psychotherapy with Group and Family Systems (5)

*APNC 523 meets the requirements of the CA BRN for obtaining a furnishing number as a NP in California.

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Phone: (619) 260-4548