Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science

Drop Shadow

MSN Students: Curriculum

Health Care Informatics

Program Plan: 36 units

I. MSN Core (6 units)
MSNC 511 Evidence Based Practice: Role of Theory and Research (3)
MSNC 512 Influencing the Health Care Environment: Policy and Systems (3)

II. HCI Core (18 units)
HCIN 540 Introduction to Health Care Information Management (3)
HCIN 542 Systems Analysis and Design for Health Care Informatics (3)
HCIN 543 Database Design and Knowledge Management (3)
HCIN 544 Advanced Health Care Information Management (3)
HCIN 545 Residency in Health Care Informatics Capstone (3)
HCIN 552 Clinical Documentation: Electronic Medical Record Systems (3)

III. HCI Emphasis Courses (12 units)
ENLC 553 Financial Management in Health Systems (3)
ENLC 556 Management of Health Care System Quality Outcomes and Patient Safety (3)
ENLC 557 Strategic Planning and Management of Health Systems (3)
MSNC 507 Statistics (3)