MSN Students


Guidelines for CNS Preceptors

Guidelines to assist the student in selecting a preceptor for clinical supervision during enrollment in the following courses: ACNS 632, 634, 636, and 638.

The preceptor should be:

  1. A CNS who is certified by a national credentialing organization or the equivalent (e.g., California certification), and if possible, Board certified.
  2. Masters prepared or higher (e.g., PhD, DNP).
  3. Able to provide a practice setting and patient population that facilitates student learning and achievement of course objectives.
  4. Able to provide adequate space in the clinical facility to allow learning to occur and not interfere with patient flow.
  5. Able and willing to precept the student in the clinical setting for the required number of hours within the time-frame of the clinical course.
  6. Able to make available time to periodically review the student's learning objectives and provide the student with direction related to his/her achievement in that setting.
  7. Willing to critically evaluate the student's progress during and at the end of the clinical experience.
  8. Willing to participate in the student's evaluation of the learning experiences provided.
  9. Willing to meet with USD faculty member(s) during their periodic site visits to discuss the student's progress and to communicate with them by phone as needed during the semester to facilitate the student's progress.

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