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Hahn School of Nursing & Health Science Financial Aid Opportunities


In addition to university-based financial aid, there is funding available to nursing students through the School. To be considered for these funds, students must complete the FAFSA (

Awards are based largely on financial need as rated by the University Office of Financial Aid. Students who complete the form will be considered for any funds for which they are eligible. (Some funds require the completion of additional forms - see links at the bottom of this page.) Any financial aid granted by the School cannot be guaranteed for future semesters. Therefore, long range planning which includes investigating outside resources is strongly recommended.

FAFSA: April 1
New and Continuing, MEPN Students, MS Students, MSN Students, DNP Students and PhD Students

Hahn School of Nursing & Health Science Financial Aid Resources:

PhD Dean’s Scholar Awards

DNP Dean’s Scholar Awards

Jonas Foundation Military Merit Scholar Awards

Irene S. Palmer Research Award

Doris A. Howell Foundation for Women's Health Research

Nurse Faculty Loan Program

Private Scholarships