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Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Programs

Curriculum Plan the Dual Adult-Gerontology/Family Nurse Practitioner Program

Dual Adult-Gerontology/Family Nurse Practitioner (ANP/FNP) program requires the completion of 52 academic units. Course sequencing for full-time study is outlined below. Part-time study is also available.

Fall Semester, Year One

APNC 520 Pathophysiology 3 units
APNC 521 APRN Physical Assessment and Diagnosis 4 units
DNPC 611 Methods of Translational Science 3 units
NPTC 602 Primary Care I 4 units

Spring Semester, Year One

APNC 523 Pharmacology in Health Management 3 units
NPTC 604 Primary Care IIA 6 units

Summer Session, Year One

NPTC 605 Primary Care IIB 6 units

Fall Semester, Year Two

DNPC 648 Health Policy Analysis 3 units
NPTC 608 Primary Care IIIA 7 units

Spring Semester, Year Two

NPTC 609 Primary Care IIIB 7 units
NPTC 535 Primary Adult-Gerontology Health Care: Management of Older Adults with Long-Term Health Problems 6 units

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