BSN to PhD Program

Curriculum Plan (Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist)

Fall Semester, Year One

APNC 520 Pathophysiology 3 units
APNC 521 APRN Physical Assessment and Diagnosis 4 units
ACNS 619 CNS Specialty Role and Practice Foundations 4 units

Spring Semester, Year One

APNC 523 Pharmacology in Health Management 3 units
ACNS 632 Adult Gerontology I: CNS Practice in Individual Patient Sphere 6 units

Summer Session, Year One

MSNC 511 Evidence Based Practice: Role of Theory and Research 3 units
ACNS 634 Adult Gerontology II: CNS Practice in Nurse/Staff Sphere 6 units

Fall Semester, Year Two

ACNS 636 Adult Gerontology III: CNS Practice in Organizational Sphere 5 units
PHDN 601 Philosophy of Science in Nursing 3 units
PHDN 607 Applied Statistics and Quantitative Research Methods 3 units
PHDN 650 Nursing Research Seminar I 1 unit

Spring Semester, Year Two

ACNS 638 Adult Gerontology IV: Advanced CNS Practicum 5 units
PHDN 608 Applications of Multivariate Statistics 3 units
PHDN 651 Nursing Research Seminar II 1 unit
PHDN 670 Quantitative Designs in Research 3 units

Completion of Requirements for Master in Science in Nursing Degree

Fall Semester, Year Three

PHDN 602 Theory Development in Nursing 3 units
PHDN 652 Nursing Research Seminar III 1 unit
PHDN 673 Introduction to Qualitative Research:
Background, Processes, and Approaches
3 units

Spring Semester, Year Three

PHDN 653 Nursing Research Seminar IV 2 units
PHDN 677 Advanced Quantitative Designs in Research 3 units
PHDN 649 Research Seminar in Health Policy 3 units

Fall Semester, Year Four

PHDN 654 Nursing Research Seminar V 1 unit
PHDN 672 Psychometric Theory and Measurement 3 units
PHDN 676 The Practice of Qualitative Research 3 units

Spring Semester, Year Four

PHDN 655 Nursing Research Seminar VI 1 unit
PHDN 695 Dissertation 5 units

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