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Dean's Welcome

Sally Brosz Hardin, Ph.D.

Dear Colleagues, 

Over the past three decades, our graduate school has taken seriously its mission to educate intelligent, skilled, and ethical nurse clinicians, scientists, faculty and executives. We have graduated over 1600 nurses, 175 with the PhD and 14 DNP, who serve as health care leaders around the globe. We have doubled our number of student scholarships and now celebrate the largest student body in our school’s history. 

Our ranking continues to be one of the world’s finest, and this is due to a stellar faculty, very talented students, a remarkably esthetic setting, and our school’s special spirit. Our faculty now boasts four Fellows in the American Academy of Nursing – a most distinguished honor. Our faculty hold doctoral or post-doctoral degrees from the finest schools in the country. They publish widely in respected journals, preside as officers in national and international nursing organizations, and are skilled certified practitioners, specialists or executives. 

Over the past five years we have seen the number of our programs, students, graduates, and faculty dramatically increase. Our research and scholarly productivity has increased exponentially. Dr. Cynthia Connelly, Director of Nursing Research, was awarded the largest research grant in the University's history. Dr. Susan Instone, Director of Advanced Practice Programs, initiated the DNP program, which has now accepted its third class of students. 

Dr. Patricia Roth, PhD Nursing Director, has brought in over a million dollars in scholarships and forgivable loans for our PhD students. Director of International Programs, Dr. Anita Hunter, was a guest of honor at the inaugural opening of the Mbarara, Uganda, Pediatric Hospital, which she and her teams helped design, build, fund, and staff. Director Karen Macauley revolutionized our Simulation and Standardized Patient Nursing Laboratory, where most of our students now receive approximately 25% of their clinical experience, and where specialized computer systems provide voluminous research data about practitioners' clinical skills. 

As you review our WEB site, and note the research, clinical, and scholarly achievements of our faculty and students, and sense the school's spirit and camaraderie, you will understand why our alumni deservedly show pride in their Alma Mater. We are so grateful to our clinical partners and affiliates, preceptors, donors, and federal, state, and foundation granting agencies for providing talents and treasure that have enabled these accomplishments. 

Our students are women and men who represent many faiths, ethnic groups, and geographical regions, but they all share certain things in common – intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills, and a compassion for their patients. 

Wishing you the best of health and the best in your professional career, 

Sally Brosz Hardin, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N., Dean and Professor 

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