Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

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Pass-in-Review and Change of Command Spring 2014

Pass in Review

On April 25th, 2014, Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps San Diego consolidated two prestigious ceremonies into one.  NROTC San Diego performed a ceremonial Pass-in-Review to recognize several outstanding Battalion members, their host universities, local military commanders, and the career of Captain Patrick C. Rabun.

Swords were presented to students from the battalion for their outstanding service and leadership throughout the school year. Some of the awards presented included the Navy League of the United States San Diego Council Award, the Coronado Council of the Navy League Theodore Roosevelt “Bully” Award, the National Defense Industrial Association Award, The San Diego Council of the Navy League – Women’s Activities-Outstanding Female Award, and the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Chapter 3 Award.

After the award ceremony, Captain Rabun thanked the audience and the NROTC host universities, the University of San Diego and San Diego State University, for their support and success of the NROTC program.  Captain Rabun also thanked his staff for their dedication and outstanding efforts that has allowed NROTC San Diego to develop officers of the highest morale and professionalism.  Lastly, Captain Rabun provided words of wisdom to the student battalion and thanked them for their willingness to protect the United States of America and the Constitution from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Captain Rabun then asked Captain Johnson, US Navy, to join him at the Podium to perform a Change of Command Ceremony.  After reading their orders, Captain Rabun was relieved of command of NROTC San Diego by Captain Johnson.

The ceremony came to a conclusion after the student battalion consisting of Marines, Officer Candidates, and Midshipman marched around the parade rendering honors to host universities, local military commanders, and all those in attendance.