Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

Drop Shadow

Combat Leadership Panel

Seniors, MECEPs, and MIDN gather to hear from Captain Michael Mostaghni USA, Captain Daniel Hill USAF, Lieutenant Emily Gretchko USN, Captain Matthew Hays USMC

In order to ensure they have a clear understanding of the importance of moral reflection in combat and to reinforce the necessity of moral conduct on and off the battlefield, NROTC students had the opportunity to attend the Combat Leadership Panel on 4 March 2015. This event was open to ROTC students in all branches of service, to provide insight on what they, as future officers, should do when they don't "get it right." The panel supplements the ethics and leadership theories that the students are exposed to in ROTC classes. This years Combat Leadership Panel speakers were:

Captain Michael Mostaghni, USA

Captain Daniel Hill, USAF

Lieutenant Emily Gretchko, USN

Captain Matthew Hays, USMC