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2012 Navy/Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Navy/Marine Corps Birthday Ball 1The San Diego Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps combined two historic birthday parties into one ceremony on Nov. 17, 2012 at the Omni Hotel in San Diego, California. More than 400 attendees comprised of Officer Instructors, Navy Officer Candidates, Marines, Midshipmen, and their guests, gathered to celebrate the Navy and Marine Corps Birthdays.

The birthday ball is held every fall semester to commemorate the founding of the services, preserve the traditions of naval heritage, and integrate NROTC members into a service that honors the many years of its existence. For the ball, all five schools in the San Diego consortium came together to celebrate their naval heritage and commitment to the naval services. The Navy and Marine Corps Birthday Ball is a military and social gathering. Unit members learn social and military etiquette expected in all officers.

Navy/Marine Corps Birthday Ball 2Brigadier General Daniel Yoo spoke to the hundreds in attendance about the necessity and importance of creating future Marines and Sailors and the honor and responsibility that all future officers would have to lead these Marines and Sailors into future operations. Brigadier General Daniel Yoo also touched upon the commissioned officers duty and responsibility to lead not only in doctrine but also with sound moral character.

The event honors the long and proud traditions of the Naval service, and expose freshman to professional social events similar to those they will attend as officers in the Navy and Marine Corps. For many of them it is their first real glimpse of how the Navy and Marine Corps celebrates the legacy that they will one day strive to sustain.