Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

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Surface Warfare Club

Learning how to be a Surface Warrior

The NROTC San Diego Surface Warfare Club holds events to give Midshipman and active duty personnel exposure to the Surface Warfare community. San Diego is a perfect place to do so because of the disposal of several bases in San Diego. This semester, Fall 2013, NROTC personnel will be exposed to several ship tours, interviews with current Surface Warfare Officers, and a bridge conning simulation at the Surface Warfare Officer Basic Division Officer Course (BDOC) school house at Naval Base San Diego.
During the scheduled ship tours, potential and future Surface Warfare Officers and other personnel interested will get to look around the ships, ask questions to the ship’s crew, and get to see the basic spaces onboard. At these ship tours, NROTC personnel will get to ask the SWOs on the boat any questions they may have, from what to expect, daily life on board, etc.
The bridge conning simulator at BDOC will be one of the more beneficial club events this semester. Anyone that gets service assigned SWO will have to go through BDOC and the simulator is one aspect of the course.  Members will get to virtually “drive the boat” and learn basic orders to do so.
The Surface Warfare Club’s main goal is to provide exposure to personnel, answer any questions they may have about the community, and give relative experience to those looking or those already service assigned into the Surface Warfare community.

Midshipman 1/C Erik Herrera
Surface Warfare Club President, Fall 2013