Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

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Surface Warfare Club

Surface Warfare Spring 2015

The Surface Warfare Club aims to benefit all aspiring surface officers while also providing insight to those who are still undecided on their preferred community. This club is a great way to gain exposure to actual ships, sailors, and the officers who lead them. With several events every semester, there are plenty of opportunities for anyone from the battalion to learn and explore the community. This spring our club hosted several events:

  • USS Mobile Bay Tour- The primary goal of this visit was for Club members to grasp knowledge of the DESRON Navy.
  • USS America – This tour allowed members to see the Marine side of the Navy, touring the largest LHA in the Navy certainly showed the members how the Marines and Navy work together to accomplish the mission.
  • SWO Jeopardy- Club members competed against one another in teams to test their knowledge of different SWO topics such as ship platforms, classes, missions, weapons, and so on.

Next semester, interactive events will continue to be coordinated to benefit club members as future officers. There will be plenty of opportunities to attend the various events that will be scheduled for next semester, which will be geared towards serving and benefitting club members.

Midshipman 1/C Lucien Ballard

Surface Warfare Club President, Spring 2015