Surface Warfare Club


This semester’s Surface Warfare Club focused on providing as much exposure to actual SWO day-to-day life as possible. We have been able to go on ship tours which were very beneficial in providing a picture of the routine operations of surface warfare life. Along with ship tours, the club hosted several briefs and presentations of the different aspects of the surface warfare side of the Navy. These briefs are here to discuss the variety of options and routes you can take in a SWO career. Senior officers, including a Navy Commander and Captain, gave some of these presentations, providing valuable insight from senior Navy leadership. Among the events this semester were the following:

  • USS Spruance Tour – A tour of DDG-111 docked in San Diego

  • Documentary Night – A “movie night” where we watched an episode of Battle

    360 and discussed how the series relates to our future careers as Surface Warfare Officers. 

  • USS Midway tour –The club members were able to embark on a free tour of the USS Midway, a retired aircraft carrier turned museum docked in San Diego Bay.SWO Q and A session – A question and answer session with LTs Long and Thornton about their experiences as SWO officers.EDO brief – Future SWOs received a brief about the career path of Engineering Duty Officers. 

Surface Warfare club members

The Surface Warfare Club looks forward to partaking in more events next semester to continue the development of aspiring Surface Warfare Officers.

Midshipman Matthew Sailer

SWO Club President, Fall 2015 

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