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Submarine Club


Our mission as a Submarine club is to hold events that are both fun and informative. We offer submarine tours and the chance to speak with real submariners. Our events look to emphasize the advanced technology of our submarines and express the great responsibility and excitement of being a submarine officer. This year we featured the classic film: The Hunt for Red October, toured an SSN, and held a question and answering session with an alumni currently attending Navy Nuclear Power School in Charleston, South Carolina.
-SSN: The famous fast attack vessel responsible for the main workforce of our undersea Navy and deployment cycles that allow more frequent port visits.
-The Hunt for Red October- movie night featuring the awarding-winning film credited with accurately portraying submarine life during the Cold War. 
This upcoming semester look for more tours, more museum visits and events focused on submarine history. Discover how the advanced and ever-expanding submarine force can broaden your career horizons with the Navy. 

Midshipman 1/C McClay
Submarine Club President, Spring 2015