Special Warfare Club

The SPECWAR Club prepares members physically, mentally, and morally for duty in the Special Warfare (SEAL) and Special Operations (EOD) communities. We provide the occasion for members to become faster on land and in the water by hosting weekly workouts. These workouts reflect the high demands of SEAL and EOD training. We also hosted six events that provided the opportunity to gain valuable skills, such as rock climbing and proficiency on the Obstacle Course. We host networking events with members of the SEAL and EOD community. 

We kicked off the semester with a run down to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery to visit the gravesite of former SEAL and Medal of Honor awardee, Michael Monsoor. We emphasized the importance of the commitment we are making to our country and high standard we must set for ourselves. In March, we hosted LTJG Shreffler, a former member of our battalion who is currently a member of an EODMU11. LTJG Shreffler led us in a workout and an informative Q&A afterward. He has continued to provide support to our club members, for which we are very grateful. After a full semester of biweekly swims, we conducted an open water Swim-Run, Swim-Run evolution around Scripps pier. With partners, we swam six hundred yards around the pier, ran one mile and repeated the exercise. This exercise not only gave us experience swimming in open water, but the teamwork aspect reminded us to be responsible for one another.

Lastly, MIDN Alvarado, former president of this club and current member, is commissioning this spring. He has been an inspiration and an example to all members of the battalion. He demonstrated leadership and perseverance more than any SPECWAR club president before. Good luck to you Landon!

Midshipman Andrew Hayne

SPECWAR CLUB President, Spring 2016


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Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps
NROTC San Diego
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Phone: (619) 260-4811
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