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The SPECWAR Club prepares members physically, mentally, and morally for duty in the Special Warfare (SEAL) and Special Operations (EOD) communities. We host weekly workouts and monthly club events, which allow us to prepare for selection into these communities. We started this semester off with an inventory Physical Screening Test (PST) to gauge the level of physical readiness of the members of our club prior to the work we put in this semester. We followed that with an informative Q&A session with prior enlisted members of our battalion regarding the EOD and SEAL communities. In October, we went out to the BUD/S obstacle course at NAB Coronado and conducted training and a workout with prior enlisted SEALs. We also practiced our open ocean swimming techniques and teamwork as we did an open ocean partner swim at La Jolla beach. In November, we hosted two naval special warfare officers. Ret. RADM Ray Smith (SEAL) gave us a talk on leadership and answered our questions about the Navy SEAL training program known as BUD/S.

Specwar club members

We also hosted LT Ryan Donofrio from EOD Mobile Unit 3 who explained the EOD community and the pipeline for officers to enter into the EOD community. Throughout the semester we have conducted weekly pool workouts to work on the skills, techniques, and fitness level required to enter into naval special warfare. Also, club members have been able to break away from regular navy PT and conduct workouts that will better prepare them for entry into the naval special warfare communities. Lastly, we would like to congratulate MIDN Minnick on picking up a contract to the EOD community and we wish he, OC Roy, and OC Reich luck moving forward following their December commission.

Midshipman Patrick Farney,

Special Warfare Club President, Fall 2015

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