Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

Drop Shadow

Special Warfare Club

            The SD NROTC SPECWAR Club provides opportunities for Midshipman as well as regular college students who are interested in pursuing a career in Naval Special Warfare as a SEAL or EOD technician to gain exposure to the community through both social gatherings and physical evolutions.

            Throughout each semester we offer opportunities for students who are interested to interact with personnel who have already had an enormous amount of experience in the Special Warfare community. They gain advice on the training, mindset, and professional demeanor that will be required upon entering the community. Such interaction is invaluable to the prospective SPECWAR candidate who will need to go through a highly competitive selection process before proceeding to the rigorous training required to enter the community.

            Due to the physical nature of the selection process, the SPECWAR club offers weekly workouts that acclimate students to the type of workouts they will be doing in the future. Such workouts include tests of endurance as well as practicing technique on things like combat sidestroke and the SEAL O-Course.

            Whether the student wants to be EOD or SEAL, officer or enlisted, we are committed to giving them the professional development and physical preparation they need to be selected and continue into the Naval Special Warfare communty.

Finally we would like to recognize MIDN Michael Herman and MIDN Trevor Heil and wish them good luck at BUD/s following their commissioning this spring. 

MIDN 1/C Herman

Special Warfare Club President, Spring 2015