Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

Drop Shadow

Special Warfare Club

The Special Warfare Club was very successful this semester. We held regular group workouts during the week, as well as most weekends. In addition to pushing and improving the physical condition of our club members, we also participated in many events that helped our members to learn more about the special warfare and special operations communities. These events included:

  • PST and Lunch Social
    • Conducted a PST and had a barbecue in Coronado
  • Visits to multiple EOD mobile units and training units.
    • We toured the units and listened to capabilities-briefs from EOD officers
  • Volunteered at the SuperSeal Triathlon
    • Helped with setup and tear-down for the event
    • Assisted with racer timing and transition
  • Volunteered for Team Hoytt in the San Diego Half Marathon
    • Helped push the Team Hoytt members in wheelchair up the final hill
  • Rock Climbing
    • Practiced rock climbing in Old Town

All of the events that we have held or participated have been with the help and guidance of the EOD and SEAL team members within our battalion, thus giving us tremendous advice and insight into leadership within these communities. Our future events will be very similar as we hope to maintain relationships with active duty personnel, encourage involvement within the community, and maintain a high level of physical fitness.

MIDN 2/C Heil

Special Warfare Club President, Spring 2014