Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

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Special Warfare Club

SPECWAR Spring 2015

The SPECWAR Club prepares members physically, mentally, and morally for duty in the Special Warfare (SEAL) and Special Operations (EOD) communities. We host weekly workouts and monthly club events, which allow us to prepare for selection into these communities. We kicked off the semester with an EOD community brief with EOD officers LT Wayne McElmoyl and LT Kaitlin Baker. In March we volunteered at the annual SuperSeal Triathlon where over 60 battalion members supported members of the SPECWAR community and the Navy SEAL Foundation. Throughout the semester, club members were able to break away from normal Navy PT, and conduct focused physical training to help boost our physical readiness to the level required in the special operations communities. We also conducted water proficiency workouts with prior enlisted SPECWAR members of our battalion who help club members to improve swimming techniques and water confidence toward what will be expected in BUD/S or dive school. In April several club members attended the NROTC SEAL Forum in Coronado, CA in which they were exposed to the SEAL community officer pipeline. Following the forum, our club hosted a reception for all attendees, which included NROTC Midshipman from all over the country as well as CAPT Duncan Smith, CO NSW Recruiting Directorate. Finally we would like to recognize MIDN Alvarado, Bachman, Minnick, and Petersen for their selection to EOD summer cruise and wish them good luck.

MIDN 1/C Michael Herman

Special Warfare Club President, Spring 2015