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Nursing Club

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The objective set forth by the NROTC club environments is to provide opportunities and information aimed at shaping each community’s members for life in the fleet. With this mission in mind, the goal of the Nurse Club this semester is to expose ourselves to as many resources as possible in the pursuit of optimal officer development.

One of the steps we are taking in that direction is the establishment of a Commissioned to Midshipman Mentorship program. With the help of Commander Reddin, Department Head of Nursing Research at Navy Medical Center San Diego, the plan is to partner active duty nurses with nurse option midshipman based on what field they are interested in joining. This will provide each midshipman a personal source of knowledge and experience that they will be able to reach out to in their development process.

Other events lined up for the semester include a corpsman panel hosted at Point Loma Nazarene University in which enlisted members will be able to share their experiences with officers in a medical setting, provide advice on what is expected of a new ensign on the floor and answer any question that Nurse Club members have. The Nurse Club also hopes to complete some volunteer work at the Fisher House located at Navy Medical Center San Diego. The Fisher House functions as housing for families that have loved ones in the hospital and are unable to afford the expenses of a hotel in San Diego. The purpose of this work is to provide our services to a branch of our care that we don’t get to address too often in the hospital: the family. While on the clock, our focus revolves around patient care and restoration. However, our volunteer work at the Fisher House will allow us to extend our patient care outside of the hospital walls by providing helpful services to the families and the house itself.

This semester hopes to be a busy one full of enriching experiences, developmental opportunities and a wealth of knowledge all aimed at preparing us for the Navy nurse life of the fleet. Only by seeking to become better will we be better. The mission of the Nurse Club is to live out this statement by seizing every chance presented in hopes of being the best we can be.

Midshipman1/C Samantha Kilday
Nurse Club President, Fall 2013