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Nursing Club

My name is MIDN 2/C Yates and I was this year’s Nurse Club President. In the Nurse Club we try and gear our events towards the thinking of “what will help us now, in the Nursing Program, and what will help us later once we are actually in the fleet?” Examples of these events are as follows:

Skype meeting with ENS Aure, who is graduated and commissioned from SDSU’s School of Nursing and from the USD/SDSU NROTC program.

  • As ENS Aure is one of our own, she had first-hand experience for us as to what we should expect in classes to come.
  • She also detailed and outlined what to expect once we commission in terms of:
    • The NCLEX
    • Orientation at our new duty station
    • How life is different from NROTC to in the Fleet

We also got the chance to have a face-to-face meeting with ENS Baker.

  • As she is also one of our own, she too was able to detail further for us how the next few years will look for us.
  • Compared and contrasted how situations were different between ENS Baker, who is stationed at Balboa, and ENS Aure, who is stationed in Pathesda.
  • She also explained in more precise detail when, how, and what to talk to our detailer about, once the time comes, in terms of duty stations and the potential move.

Probably the most exciting event for us Nurse Club was the ability for us to get to tour the new hospital facility at Camp Pendleton.

  • We were able to tour the brand-new facility, which may very well be our first future duty station.
  • We were able to talk to the nurses about their experience, what kind of nursing they practice, and what the likelihood is of being able to go to Grad School.
  • We were able to learn that the facility at CAMPEN in terms of command size for hospital personnel is actually fairly small.
  • We were also able to learn about the kind of nursing one would be able to practice if they were to be sent to Camp Pendleton.

Lastly, the Nurse Club had to opportunity to volunteer with a local event called Adventure on Wheels.

  • This was a unique opportunity in which we were able to witness, and aid, wheel-chair users in a choreographed dance routine.

As we are re-starting up a mentor program with Navy Nurses, I expect the next semester and many to come will be full of exciting events that will both aid us in our nursing and lend us in on what to expect from nursing in the Navy.

MIDN 2/C Yates

Nurse Club President, Spring 2014