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The Aviation Club’s mission is to educate and empower midshipmen who wish to pursue an aviation career in United States Navy and Marine Corps. The Aviation club continually holds exciting club events for all aspiring aviators by exposing them to amazing local aviation opportunities. We kicked off the year with two museum tours. The first was a tour of the San Diego Air and Space Museum where our docent, Gordon C, gave us detailed historical facts about planes used throughout both World Wars- from German Albatros fighters to Japanese Zeros. Next, we visited the historic USS Midway where we gained an appreciation for the Wildcat fighters, Dauntless dive bombers and Devastator torpedo bombers, who confronted the more technically advanced Japanese planes. We also had the fortunate opportunity to attend the annual Miramar Airshow where we were able to meet and take a picture with the Blue Angels! Our MIDN also had the opportunity to fly a T-6 simulator, learn useful test taking skills for the ASTB, and participate in a Q&A Skype session with former unit member, ENS Baastad about API- the first stage of flight school.

Aviation club with the Blue Angels

Finally, we received a tour of Fleet Replacement Squadron VMFAT-101 in

Miramar where we were able to check out the amazing F-18s. It was a great semester full of learning opportunities. I would like to thank each and every one of the club members who came out to these events.

Midshipman Jasmin Nicasio,
Aviation Club President, Fall 2015 

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