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Aviation Club


The Aviation Club kicked off the semester by attending the Order of the Daedalians Airpower Symposium at the Grand Hyatt in downtown San Diego. The topic of the event was "The Iraqi Freedom Air War in Ten Years' Hindsight" and proved to be extremely interesting.

In November the Aviation club traveled down to NAS North Island to tour HELSEACOMBATRON 3 (HSC-3) the “Merlins”. In addition to touring HSC-3, club members were able to get some stick time in the SH-60 Sierra simulators with the experienced instructors of the Fleet Replacement Squadron.

Later this month the Aviation club is hosting a “Top Gun” movie and pizza night. The goal is to create a relaxed environment where those who are interested in Naval Aviation can gather to talk about Naval Aviation and to watch the movie that made Naval Aviation what it is today.

Before the end of the semester the Aviation Club is hoping to travel up to MCAS Miramar to tour one of the F/A-18 squadrons and hopefully try their hand at flying fixed wing jets in their simulators. This will provide the rare opportunity for students to get hands on experience with an extremely exciting Aviation community.

In addition to tours, simulator time, and movie nights the Aviation Club is also responsible for preparing students for the Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB). The first ASTB of the semester took place on October 4th and had some of the highest test scores NROTC San Diego has ever seen. The ASTB is comprised of Spatial Apperception, Mechanical Comprehension, and general Aviation and Nautical information.

Overall the Aviation Club has been extremely successful in generating interest in Naval Aviation with a variety of tours and simulator opportunities, as well as prepping members of the unit to take the ASTB.


Midshipman 2/C Samuel T. Wales
Aviation Club President, Fall 2013