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Aviation Club

Aviation Club

The Aviation Club is committed to increasing the interest and overall knowledge of Naval aviation for its members. This is done through squadron tours, social events, and ASTB study sessions with fellow NROTC members. We more than completed our commitment this semester.

Aviation Club has hosted a variety of exciting events here in San Diego. Back in February we toured VRC-30 on NAS North Island. We were able to speak with the pilots about their career paths, check out the aircraft they fly (C-2s), and get some practice time on the simulator. This event had great influence on a number of graduating seniors who were selected to begin Naval Flight School this summer, as well as lowerclassman being exposed to the aviation community.
Just recently in April, we attended field carrier landing practices of F-18s over at MCAS Miramar. We stood only feet away from these incredible machines as they landed on the runway. An experience that some may never get the opportunity to do again. Overall we continue to stay motivated and excited for the future of Naval Aviation. Fly Navy!

MIDN 1/C Sandness

Aviation Club President, Spring 2015