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Aviation Club

Aviation Club

The Aviation Club is committed to increasing the interest and overall knowledge of Naval aviation for its members. This is done through squadron tours, social events, and ASTB study sessions with fellow NROTC members. We more than completed our commitment this semester.

We attended the Miramar Air Show, the Balboa Park Air and Space Museum, an F-18 Squadron Tour, ASTB study sessions, the Miramar Leatherneck Air Museum, and held a Top Gun movie night!

Miramar Air Show

  • Viewed live flight demonstrations from the Blue Angels and an F-35 flight demo
  • Got to meet the Blue Angels Crew and get an up-close look at their aircraft

Balboa Air and Space Museum

  • Members were able to see the history and progression of aviation

F-18 Squadron Tour

  • An event held exclusively for seniors, attendees were able to get stick time behind an F-18 flight simulator and attend a questionnaire with a Marine Captain at the Miramar O-Club

ASTB Study Sessions

  • Future takers of the Aviation Selection Testing Battery were able to hone their skills in order to ace the test with the help of their fellow members

Miramar Leatherneck Museum

  • Geared more towards the Marines and Marine Option Midshipmen, this museum epitomized Marine Corps Aviation History and gave a glimpse at the legacy that is left for future generations

Top Gun Movie Night

  • What more needs to be said, I think after this semester all Aviation Club members feel the need… the need for speed!

The upcoming Aviation Club President is sure to have many more events to get the battalion excited about Naval Aviation. Thanks to the generosity of the RPIP Ground School, many more hands-on events are sure to come our way as well.  

MIDN 1/C Sandness

Aviation Club President, Spring 2015