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Aviation Club

The Aviation Club continues to excite aspiring aviators by exposing them to amazing local aviation opportunities in the San Diego fleet concentration area. With Navy and Marine air stations nearby we are able to have direct access to fleet flying squadrons and gain firsthand knowledge and exposure to different aspects of aviation to help our members become more knowledgeable about the different aviation platforms in their path toward becoming a naval aviator. This spring we hosted several events. In February we kicked off the semester hosting and Aviation Aptitude Battery (ASTB) study session for all the midshipmen getting ready to put in for aviation and toured VRC-30 at NAS North Island and learned about the C-2 Greyhound aircraft, including simulator flight time, and attendees had the chance to interact with pilots in the squadron. In March many of us got together for a club movie night, where we had the opportunity to bond, discuss our aviation aspirations and watch "Behind Enemy Lines". This was a great opportunity as this movie encapsulates what an aviator might face if shot down in a hostile environment. In April we had the opportunity to visit MCAS Miramar and observe F-18 Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLPs), which gave aspiring jet pilots a close up perspective on part of the jet fighter training requirements. We also toured HSM-75 one of the newest MH-60R squadrons. We had the opportunity to learn about the antisubmarine mission and speak with experienced helicopter pilots. We closed out this semester with our second annual aviation club barbeque at Breakers Beach on NAS North Island. Several dozen students enjoyed an afternoon in the sun, eating good food, playing beach volley ball and reminiscing about our aviation experiences from the semester as well as getting one on one question and answer with the command aviation club advisor, LT Johnson. Go Naval Aviation!

MIDN Ryan Sandsness

Aviation Club President, Spring 2015