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Aviation Club

Aviation Club

The Aviation Club is committed to increasing the interest and overall knowledge of Naval Aviation for its members. This is done through squadron tours, social events, and question and answer sessions with naval aviators. This semester was a busy one for us.

We attended a C-2 tour, an F-18 tour, HSC-23 tour, and a BBQ at Breaker’s Beach.

C-2 Squadron Tour

  • Had the opportunity to see C-2 aircraft and learn more about the community
  • Had an informational brief/casual Q&A with C-2 crews

F-18 Tour

  • 2 F-18 Aircraft from VX-9 flew out to NASNI
  • Had the opportunity to tour the aircraft
  • Went to the I-bar with the pilots
  • Casual Q&A at the I-bar

HSC-23 Squadron Tour

  • Helicopter tour at NASNI
  • Informational brief/casual Q&A with Helicopter pilots

Breaker’s Beach BBQ

  • Aviation club members came out to meet with some pilots and talk over BBQ
  • Had the opportunity to learn about various different aircraft taking off out of NASNI
  • Relaxed Beach day

Next semester, club member have a lot to look forward to. The incoming aviation club president is expected to set up even more tours and wow all members. One last note: remember to hold on to a copy of you Water Survival Training and Up-chit paperwork from summer cruise – next semester will involve some flying for those with their paperwork!

MIDN 2/C Kennedy

Aviation Club President, Spring 2014