ILA Reflections from a Leadership Studies Masters Student

One of the presentations I attended was called "Leadership Challenges in the 21st Century." Jean Lipman-Blumen, Ira Chaleff, Katherine Tyler Scott, and Peter Northouse served as panelists discussing how the world is changing and how leadership will rise to adapt and serve those needs. The question kept arising, "Leadership for what?" Jean Lipman-Blumen answered that leadership should be for world-wide peace. Additionally, a theme that emerged from discussion was the role of power and its tendency to corrupt. Moreover, the need to create inclusive leadership to allow for all who want to become leaders was debated amongst the scholars.

Beyond the sessions, one of the reasons I am glad I attended ILA 2015 was the connections I was able to make. It was reassuring to know that when I had my poster presentation I would get to see the familiar faces of my USD colleagues, but also have the opportunity to receive feedback from other prolific scholars. Although I did not take the ILA class, Dr. Getz welcomed me to the meetings she set up with scholars such as Ira Chaleff. To hear Ira speak about his new book at the USD Book Award to meeting him one early morning with the ILA class, there were plenty of opportunities to network and discuss ideas.

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