A New Minor in SOLES: Nonprofit Social Enterprise and Philanthropy

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Become Certified to Change the World

The Nonprofit Social Enterprise and Philanthropy Minor is designed to help students get a job in the nonprofit or for profit sector.  The skills learned are transferable. Even if you are not going to seek nonprofit employment, it will make you a better boardmember, volunteer and donor. The minor in nonprofit studies prepares undergraduate students at USD better for future careers in the nonprofit sector and elsewhere. Employment in nonprofit organizations represents more than ten percent of private sector employment in the United States.

Through this 18 unit program, students will obtain national certification and earn a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) designation. Employment in nonprofit organizations represents more than 10 percent of private sector employment in the US, and graduates with this minor will be especially attractive to those employers. The students will gain an in-depth understanding of how the nonprofit sector is evolving, a skill that is transferrable beyond a career in nonprofits.  More importantly, considering the growth in partnerships between nonprofits and government agencies as well as the business sector, a basic understanding of the ‘third sector’ represents a real asset for any student entering the workforce and seeking to have a positive impact after graduation.



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