MTLC Graduate Assistant, Kai Thomas, Presents at AERA

Kai Thomas presented on Veteran Teachers Responses to Mobile Technology in the K-6 Classroom, at the 2014 American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting this weekend. Her presentation described findings from a set of yearlong case studies, with a focus on the experiences of four teachers and their students in an elementary district with a one-to-one iPad initiative. These case studies offer a more nuanced understanding of veteran teachers’ responses to technology-related reforms, and suggest that rather than “resistance,” responses may be better understood as a “search for proof” of technology’s effectiveness in the classroom. This presentation illustrated how the search can be affected by teachers’ pedagogical and content knowledge and by students’ demographic and achievement characteristics.

*Kai's presentation was based on the fndings from a more in-depth report on the use of mobile technology in the Encinitas Union School District. View the full report.





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