Letters From Ghana (#3)


Hello From the SOLES Teams in Ghana!

We are nearing the end of our four days of training with school proprietors. Next we go to the beautiful seaside city of Cape Coast. Ghana may be a different country, but there are far more similarities with education in the US than there are differences. Part of our training is for proprietors to develop a mission statement for their schools and one school proprietor's mission statement includes 'bridging the gap' with regard to equity-- a familiar story in America. The motivation and energy of these school leaders is palpitating.

A few observations:
We are working with school proprietors whose schools have very interesting names: Enduring to Victory International School, Marvelous Star School, Integrity Keepers School, Happy Home Academy, Crown of Gold Academy, Great Faith School, Precious International, Zion Royals International School, etc. Many of these names tell you that they are Christian schools. And of course, many of these proprietors are great marketers...that's evident by including the word " international." They might possibly (but I doubt it) have some children from the nearby countries of Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, or Togo-- but clearly they know the importance of branding. We are working with entrepreneurs! And they are entrepreneurs with a heart!

I've included a photo of my team in Ghana-- The Kumasi Team: Corinne, Raketa, Melodie, and myself. They have worked incredibly hard this week and USD needs to be proud of our students and alums on this team. In the next letter I'll share news about Dr. Spencer's Tema Team. By the way, Tema is a sister city of San Diego!

I leave you with: domso domso ("off and on" as the electricity goes) bananas, kelewele , fou fou, kente cloth, pawpaws, local chiefs, Black Stars (the national football team)

I still haven't told you about the grass-cutters. Maybe in the next letter.

Signing off,

Dean Cordeiro

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