Letters From Ghana (#2)


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Greetings From The SOLES Team in Ghana!

We just left Tema where Dr. Spencer, Maria Kelly and Desiree Wooden will be commencing training with 40 school proprietors tomorrow. Corinne Brion, Raketa Ouedraogo-Thomas and I will be doing the same training in Kumasi. Melodie Miranda is in transit since she had a visa issue that's now resolved. We flew from Accra to Kumasi which took about 40 minutes. Vanessa Folsom, from Edify accompanied us as well and will be observing the training.

Kumasi is an interesting city. It's located in the rain forest region and is the second largest city in Ghana. Kumasi has nearly 2 million people and is approximately 300 miles north of the Equator. The majority of its residents are descendants of the Ashanti tribe and the city is considered to be the commercial, industrial and cultural capital of this region.

Today we prepared for tomorrow's all day training. Each team is working with 40 school proprietors from low-cost private schools. These proprietors are staying at the hotel since they are coming from all over the country. Our topic will be: Building a Culture of Learning. A lot of the day's work comes from the leadership literature. Our topics include: organizational culture, developing relational trust, creating rituals, ceremonies and symbols for their schools, and partnering with families.

Here are two short stories from today. On the plane, everyone stopped talking and paid attention when the flight attendant demonstrated using a life jacket. You could have heard a pin drop. When's the last time you saw that happen? That was a first for me. Then, we had so much luggage with all of our training materials that Corinne left one piece of her luggage at the Kumasi airport. Over an hour later we returned to see if it was still there and if all her clothes and other possessions were in it. Well, the bag was sitting outside the door waiting for her. Nothing was missing. :-) Ghana is a very interesting country. I'll tell you about the grass-cutters in an upcoming letter.

Thoughts of today: bananas, red dirt roads, flowers, pawpaws(papayas), bananas, foufou, smiling children, fashionable women, bananas, Kofi Annan, coconuts, kente cloth, brides, tire shops, churches, bananas.

Dean Paula A. Cordeiro

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