CEPAL Senior Research Associate, Julie Zoellin Cramer, 2012 Clark Scholar

CEPAL Senior Resarch Associate, Julie Zoellin Cramer, 2012 Clark Scholar
Julie Zoellin Cramer was chosen as a 2012 Clark Scholar for her research on empowerering parents as it relates to education reform.

Empowered Parents: A New Policymaker in Education Reform?

Parent involvement in public education has changed over time. Recently it has tak­en on a more radical dimension aimed at shifting the role of parent. These efforts are identified by some as parent empowerment and may be part of a larger policy movement to secure parent voice in education reform. Supported by new parent trigger legislation, parents are now empowered with legal backing. The policy allows parents with students in chronically underperforming schools to force a change in school governance. To date, we know little of its impact on parent involvement. Us­ing qualitative comparative case study research methods, this study will examine the impact of the parent trigger legislation on the efforts of two local parent empower­ment groups and their nascent role as social change agents. It will provide important information on the relationship between educational policy and parents’ efforts to become dominant stakeholders in the educational policymaking process.

The David L. Clark Seminar in Educational Administration & Policy is sponsored by the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA), Divisions A and L of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), Corwin Press, and Sage Publications. It brings emerging educational administration and policy scholars and noted researchers together for two days of presentations, generative discussion, and profes­sional growth. Clark Seminar Participants are outstanding doctoral students in educational leadership, administration, and/or policy, seeking careers in research. Many of the graduates of this seminar are now faculty members at major research institutions in the U.S. and Canada.



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