Leadership for Change

Leadership for Change: Learning to BE What We Wish to Find in the World

The conference is designed to serve as a temporary institution that reproduces many of the characteristic features of organizational life. It is organized as a sequence of group and inter-group interactions. Working within this temporary institution that serves as both a case study and a laboratory for learning about how institutions operate, participants are able to study and analyze significant phenomena that arise in groups and teams in ways that are often not discussable in the other organizations to which they belong.

The experience is more intelligible if one sets aside expectations of a traditional conference or classroom and thinks more in terms of an art studio or a laboratory that provide space conducive to learning by experimentation and practice. Faculty and staff strive to create an atmosphere in which participants can surface unexamined assumptions, develop more adequate ways of seeing, and discover the lessons each is prepared to learn next.

This active learning model encourages participants to examine and evaluate their own assumptions and behaviors related to the exercise of leadership and authority in order to help them function more effectively in their outside roles.

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