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Student Experience: Global Study in Cuenca, Ecuador

About the Course: MFTS 563i Collaborative Care This course introduced students to various models of collaborative care and the unique set of clinical skills MFT's need to work successfully on integrated care teams. Students examined psychological aspects of illness, approaches to assessment and treatment of common mental health, psychosocial, and health behavior issues in primary care settings.  MFTS 579i Bilingual Therapy This was a global course with students traveling to Cuenca, Ecuador. A new partnership with La Universidad de Cuenca allowed students to participate in an introductory workshop on collaborative care for university faculty in both the MFT program and medical school. Students participated in both the instructor and learner role as they explored the challenges (and benefits) of establishing collaborative care models of service in a developing economy. Students had opportunities to visit current MFT training sites and primary care clinics that could serve as testing sites for collaborative care initiatives.  Student Experience:

GSC Elections

Graduate Student Council Elections

Apply today to be the 2018-2019 Graduate Student Council Chair or Vice Chair to help support and lead the USD graduate student community! …

students first campaign logo

Students First! Campaign

The 2018 Students First! The campaign starts on April 4. All gifts, no matter the amount, have a huge impact on current students. …

Black Students at Ole Weekend Black Student Welcome event

USD Black History Month Events in February

The month of February is Black History Month. On the University of San Diego campus, multiple entities, including the Black Student Resource Center (B…

Marsha McDonald MA '86 was a 2017 Honoree, Author E. Hughes Career Achievement Award

2016-2017 SOLES Award and Grant Highlights

Awards Marsha McDonald MA '86 was a 2017 Honoree, Author E. Hughes Career Achievement Award Ann Garland, PhD, Professor and Department Chair, was…

Dr. Corderio in Ghana

Postcards from Kampala and Entebbe Uganda

0.3476° N, 32.5825° E Greetings from Kampala, the capital of Uganda!  Uganda is landlocked, but has beautiful Lake Victoria and snow-cov…

OI Education Specialists:  Kofi, Doris, Shula, Mina, ‘Prof Paula’ and Samuel

Postcards from Accra Ghana, West Africa

November 9, 2017 Postcards from Accra Ghana, West Africa 5.6037° N, 0.1870° W Greetings from Accra, the capital of Ghana! Corinne Brion, Ph…


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