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Kroc Students Gain a New Perspective on Leadership

Friday, December 1, 2017TOPICS: Student Success

On a bright Friday afternoon in November, Kroc students set out on the San Diego Bay to get a new perspective on leadership. Ten students joined the six-man crew of the America’s Cup Stars & Stripes USA 11 racing yacht for Sailing & Leadership, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to practice critical skills on the high seas.  

Leadership, teamwork and communication are essential to both peacebuilding and social innovation. Kroc School Board Member Ned McMahon generously created an opportunity for current students to practice these skills. Ned’s extensive experience with sailing inspired him to introduce Kroc students to it as a way to practice cooperation and communication in a less conventional way.

Captain Lynn Hanna mentored each student on how to steer the 78 ft boat, using a nearly four foot wide wheel. They practiced patience, advanced planning and communication as they took the helm. When they weren’t steering, students were working in teams to raise the sails and keep the boat afloat.  

“Everyone was responsible for completing a task. Without careful communication, teamwork and leadership, the boat wouldn’t sail. I felt the responsibility and importance of working together. I loved this experience.” Vida Chechman, MAPJ 2019  

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